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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

On Shaving Cate Gillham, Ruby Bowman, St. Stephen's Episcopal School

Women discuss shaving and highlight the generational divides in our culture with the taboo subject. Speaking to disease, media, and honest beauty, "On Shaving" is an exploration.

Girls Impact the World: Media and Representation Kacie Quinn, University of Massachusetts Amherst

A collection of interviews with elementary and middle school female students about the media, female representation, and how it affects themselves.

#Selfie Sexism Sophie Howard, Emily Sykora, Waukesha North High School

A girl gets mean comments about her not being beautiful enough after posting a selfie, she researches other traits of beauty while the narrator talks of sexism in the media and how it can mess up the true definition of beauty. The girl calls a friend the in the end to get support over the backlash o

They Don't Define Us Lizveth Villareal Gonzalez, Lisseth Villareal Gonzalez, Northwest Career and Technical Academy

We grow up in a society where unreal bodies are constantly portrayed as ideal beauty. Most of it is portrayed through media including television, magazines, and videos. This video is an awareness about beauty image and how it can affect women and young girls. At the end, what matter most is being yo

Active Beauty Miriam Gonzalez, Marsha Gonzalez, Florida Atlantic University

This films brings awareness to criticism against women in sports, fitness and active lifestyles. The hardships that women face when they don't believe in their honest beauty. Narrated in the voice of a young man attacking a women in her challenges in doing what she likes that don't coincide with the

Spoken Word Poetry Arianna Stoll, Kimberly Ruiz, Wesley Chapel High School

This video is about a young girl growing up, and her struggles through life. It talks about sexual abuse and the effects of social media. Also it talks about how we are impact each other on a daily basis.

A true inspiration Gjorgjina Cenikj, Orce Nikolov

The story of the most inspiring woman, whose contribution to women in Macedonia is too immense to be fitted into a 5 minute movie. She is the founder of an association of women and has inspired them to work, not only to help other women in need, but also to help themselves overcome the prejudice of

What It Takes to Be a Model Grace Tecala, Paul VI Catholic High School

This film, inspired by the book Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington, exposes what real teenage girls take from high fashion magazines like Vogue. They share what real beauty is to them and what they find beautiful in a woman, as well as find out if they have what it takes to be a model.

The Truth of Beauty Riko Miyazaki, Katelyn Ao, Tallulah Falls School

In the world we live in now, the media defines what is beautiful and what is not. Because of the impossible standards set by magazines and tv shows, more and more girls are becoming overly addicted to sculpting themselves into something they're not. Girls focus so much on perfecting themselves from

Challenging Beauty Standards Mackenzie Palmer, University of Texas at Austin

I interviewed women who have be subjected to represent and uphold the beauty standards placed on our society. They open up about their struggles, and produce solutions that will help our younger generation overcome these standards, and learn how to love and own confidently the body they have.