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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

How You See Us Susannah Joffe, St. Stephen's episcopal school

This experimental film explores both female beauty and the over sexualization of women

My non existing small penis Anastasia Utaraite, UWC Maastricht

This is a film based on the spoken word "my non existing small penis" about what girls are expected to be, to do in the society and a rebels who are not going to follow the "rules"

I'm leaving good by Douaa,Rayya, Lebanese university

Leila left her husband after he hit more time .

Defining Beauty Samantha Penor, Sami Penor , Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas

This video presentation is based on an original speech written for my 10th grade English class where I wrote on my reaction to society's standards of beauty. Before writing the speech, we were instructed to select a topic we were most passionate about. I demonstrate my passion and perspective on the

Strength Maria Baeza, John F. Kennedy High School

A film that talks about eating disorders with teens, and women in general and goes in depth with statistics and a hotline number to seek help. It brings awareness and realization to people all over the world who may struggle with a disorder or know someone who does.

Female Film Making in Baltiore Jayme Gede, Franklin High School

I follow two college students as they film an experimental piece for Towson University. The two women are entering a new chapter in their life where they will face an industry plagued with glass ceiling after glass ceiling and hope to make a difference through their persistence and work.

"Girls With Ambition" Gabrielle Abdelmessih, Lake Orion High School

This film showcases ambitious high school students who are in the midst of achieving their goals in life.

Fighting to be Noticed: Exploring the Gendered Racial Microaggressions Affecting Women of The African Diaspora Ayana Moné Jihad , Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

As a Black College women at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick campus, I am embarking on my final year of my undergraduate career. Throughout my academic years, it has become immensely transparent misogynoir behaviors, comments, and feelings attacking the Black women on campu

Metamorphosis Estefania Gabriela Martinez Sierra, Nathaly Enelia Sanchez , DelCampo School

Metamorphosis is a short film about a young girl that's insecure about her appearance. Her beauty ideals are based on what she sees and is portrayed by the media. This leads her to make dreadful actions. This film purpose's is to raise awareness about how media does affect the youngsters, specially

Slut-Shaming Women and Girls in Social Media Stephanie Klotz, University of Pittsburgh

In a world where people can hide behind anonymous screens and usernames, what happens to our young girls who want to share images from their life?