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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

The Undeniable Beauty Within Us Terezie Cizkova, SZŠ Brno, Jaselska High School

This video is dedicated to all the young women all over the world struggling with a low confidence, or struggling of being single. With this video I want to inspire and motivate other girls to focus on themselves, on their wishes, goals and dreams before anything else, and to find their purpose in t

Honest Beauty Amber Bahlmann, Lincoln Land Community College

this is a video of me putting on my daily makeup with a voice over of me reciting a poem wrote by myself. this video is hoped to encourage girls of all ages to realize they do not need makeup and should feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

The ProducHERS Emma Josephson , Portland State University

The ProducHERS was created to be engaging for all kinds of audiences. I want to raise awareness about how important it is to create more diverse and supportive work places in STEM , film, and media careers. If we keep working towards this goal, I believe we can see better representation in media for

Body Talk Rebecca Grossman, Smith College

Body Talk is a short documentary that explores young women's relationships with their bodies.

Spotlight: Sleepyhaze Candace Ho, UCLA

Electronic musician, Sleepyhaze, unravels the true definition of beauty through her eyes.

FEMSTEM Marisa Umeh, Megan Hoang, Diamond Bar High School

FEMSTEM, the film, chronicles the rise of the first all muslim girls robotics team. Lead by a 16 year old coach, Zaina Syed, the FEMSTEM team defied the odds, one robot at a time.

Rising Artist Refuses to Become Apart of Misogyny Madison Edwards, Rachel Kelley, Northeast High School

We interviewed up and coming artist, Mitchel Gerald, to find out if he is dodging the stereotypical route many musicians in hip-hop and rap culture fall into, which is degrading and abusing women. Mitchel informed of us of how his music does not align with that, along with providing other artist who

REBEL GRRRL Kaylin Luces, Academy of Health Sciences

Attending the Women's March in Washington D.C. made me feel such a sense of sisterhood with complete strangers. Women from all walks of life came to D.C. to show their support for people of all kinds. This encouraged me to write a poem addressing the myths about the nature of women and expose the

Woke Grace Goen, Alamo Heights High School

This short film is a compilation of interviews I conducted with three young women, from various backgrounds and perceptions of the world around them. The interviews were focused on the subject of beauty from our shared perspective in the western world. Questions were raised on how beauty is interpre

Girly Things Brylie Noe, Brynna Wiese, Sikeston High School

Three young girls and one woman encounter and affected by casual and extreme instances of sexism, from the words of a stranger to the actions of those closest to them.