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Women in Social Media Stephanie Klotz, Parkland High School

Every single day, women around the world are degraded for their appearance, clothing, and behavior. This is called slut-shaming. With the increasingly accessible and widespread use of technology, social media applications have become a platform for easy bullying. Rather than building each other up,

Girls Have Grit Too! Brooke Collins, Arts Academy at benjamin Rush

A documentary about how women are perceived in society, but with the right guidance and information we can succeed.

Women In Today's Society - GIRLS IMPACT THE WORLD FILM FESTIVAL CALL FOR ENTRIES Kyle Vance, Brittney Miller, Pocono Mountain East High School

Many women is society today complain about how social media will portray a women that is "perfect" making these younger girls try their best to mimic these looks. Men treat girls based on thier looks and sometime these girls don't know what to do. this video tels some of these issues and what other

Women: More Than Expectations Lia Spencer, Castilleja

The stereotypes that women face in the classroom and the working field have lessened over time but are still prevalent today. In this documentary, women speak about challenges they've faced based on gender and how it affects their life, as well as what happens in an all-girls environment. Interviewe

Volunteer woman in leadership Louyov, Cambodia University

Volunteer woman in leadership is a short film that shows about Sophea who is kind, friendly, and a role model in her community. It is a film that our volunteer team does our best for writing, shooting and editing. I’m feeling so grateful that we’ve got young Cambodian support us to produce this

Beautiful Lies Chinaza Ochi, Shelby Redman, Harvard College; Yale College

The standard of beauty in our current age is at best confusing. It is hard to understand what constitutes as true beauty when the trends and qualifications are constantly changing. To highlight this we tried to show how ridiculous it is to try to keep up. We purposely used a vertical composition in

Make up... Do we really need it? Sydney Brenner, Cave Spring High School

The first part of my video is of my two friends and I. We all were timed to see how long it would take us to get "dolled" up or do our makeup and hair. My point in the first part of this video is to show that putting on makeup and doing you hair takes a long time and it is not necessary. In the seco

Perfectly Imperfect Shirley Vilsaint, Immokalee High School

In today's society, the definition of beauty has been redefined. Beauty has become the use of makeup and plastic surgery to fix all possible flaws. This video empowers young women everywhere to learn that the true meaning of beauty is not about LOOKS. It's about who they are on the inside and how th

Prodromes Initiatives Syed Shidiq Alkaff, Nam Pei Yi, Choo Jian Xian, Maelyn Jean Lagman, Isa Franchesca, Julia Lachica, Mahasheta Malagi, Management Development Institute of Singapore

Students decided to form a group and conduct a virtual experiment to raise awareness on the issue of online predation.The 'Prodromes Initiatives' or P.I. comprises of young female students age between 18-28 years old. With the brief experiment, much was discovered and was highlighted in this short d

Crayons Emily Hester, Abby Opferman, Kern Valley High

Crayons come in all different shapes and sizes. People are the same way, yet media makes it seem as if there is only one shape. Various women discuss the problem with media and how beauty is viewed because of it, while also proposing solutions to help.