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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

This is 2017 Rae Kanoa, Palos Verdes High School

In a passionately-worded poem accompanied by visuals, 'This is 2017’ touches base on the social constructions behind the oppression of women.

Honest Beauty Emily Girgis, Bayonne High School

This documentary portrays brief interviews with beautiful girls found at Bayonne High School. Though they all have different personalities, they're united by a common voice; each one of them have been burdened with insecurities. So now, they gather up the courage to explain how the popularized defin

The World I Want to Live In #StemsFromHer Abbie Collette, Sylvie Pryor Rosenstein, Mae Pryor Rosenstein, Abram Collette, Baxter Academy for Technology and Science

This film shares the experiences of three young women who are passionate about STEM. Seeking reassurance, these young women looked to female role models for help regaining their confidence. They were given an opportunity to express their ideas, ask questions, and engage in work that they were excite

Girls and Women in Society Jennifer Buterbaugh, Fairview High School

I filmed a variety of young women to older women along with young girls for this film. I wanted to capture their raw emotion by not giving them the questions until on camera. I found that these specific women were discriminated against in the workplace and in leadership roles and felt "not good enou

Redefining Beauty: The Power of a Personal Look Zoe Shields, Chattanooga Christian School

As a means to highlight natural beauty and the role cosmetics play in enhancing it. “Redefining Beauty: The Power of a Personal Look” portrays the intimate experience of daily makeup application.

Pose Madelynne Hewett, Ruth Asawa School of the Arts

A commentary on the psychological impact the media has on women. Sadly, it has become the norm to find various commercials and ad campaigns setting beauty standards for young women. This film takes a look into the mental chaos that ensues with the idea of perfection.

Women Empowerment Project Emanuella Evans, Winnetonka High School

I created this video to highlight how Phenomenal Women are. At the time, my school was taking part in a Women Empowerment Project, so this video was very timely and beneficial. I believe it helps showcase the true beauty in women, what they feel, love, hate, and battle everyday; their Honest Beauty.

My Friend, Ana Lidia Balanovich, Nashua High School North

Sarah is not well, but her not-so-kind friend keeps telling her otherwise. A short film that brings awareness to what it's like to struggle with an eating disorder, something one in every one hundred women around the world experience every day.

Women's Voices of The New Generation // By Justina Diaz Justina Diaz, Intrinsic Schools

Women are found as leaders throughout history and are looked up to. As young women grow up, they would once in their life looked down upon by someone in their life telling them that they couldn't do something or they would never be someone they dream to be. I believe that anyone can be anything and

"Pretty Woman" GITW Film Festival Callista Nickelson, Farmington Senior High School

Women are bombarded every day with sexy images of female celebrities, actresses and models. These images are on our televisions, in our magazines, on billboards and almost everywhere else in between. We get caught up in the fantasy of a "perfect body" that we don't realize how effective these images