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Everyday Pressures Eliana Gruvman, Nicole Dorsey, Jamie Burfeind, Naomi Clark, Arianna Braccino, Commack High School

Our short film shows that pressures that young girls in our society face everyday. We strove to demonstrate how family, social media, friends, and magazines can provide unrealistic pressures and expectations.

Not Plastic Bujinlkham(July) Bayasgalan, North Park University

Social media is something that everyone is involved in, even my grandparents have Facebook ! Therefor what is put out on social media effects everyone that sees it, especially young girls. Girls are exposed to what image society thinks a "beautiful women" should look like,small waist, long legs, big

The Complex Elena Stidham, Whiteland Community High School

Judy (Tatiana Ilami) is a transgender woman that is struggling to find beauty within herself because she isn't feminine like other girls. However, when she learns not all girls are the same to begin with, she grows more confident as a woman.

We Are Women Liz Bunce, Loudoun Valley

This film asks the question why we are treated differently from men when we are defined the same way.

The Media and its Affect on Girls Madison McGovern, Vanessa Altner, Palisades High School

Our short film addresses both Women in the Media and Honest Beauty. We asked girls a series of questions after showing them images, representing how the media "changes" the way women look. The high standards of "beauty" weaken a girl's perception of herself because how can you see yourself as beauti

Women VS The Media Maggie Lathem, Germantown High School

Women VS The Media takes a look at the skewed ideals of women in the media and how that differs from the realization of women and their goals. Women VS The Media tries to convey that the only way women can rise from the stereotypes and oppression that the media projects is to empower themselves and

I See Beauty As... Erin Blanding, Sun Valley High School

Beauty is a topic that has caused a lot of controversy in society, and I set out on a quest to ask my peers what they thought beauty really was.

Beauty Reboot: Finding Beauty in the Cancer Journey Emily Hay, Santa Barbara Senior High School

A short documentary about how women, whether they are going through the journey of cancer or some other incredibly difficult time, are beautiful—no matter what. Beauty is the light that shines from within a woman, it has nothing to do with whether she fits into what society deems as acceptable and

Mrs Misunderstood Mallory Harris, North Hennepin Community College

Queens, you’re beautiful. It pains me to have gained a larger understanding of the subconscious depicting of beauty, but to whom much is given, much is required. The desire to compare yourself with being ridiculously thin, young and beautiful; it makes real women and girls compare themselves ev

END DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Tribute To My Sister . Davona Watson, California State University, Los Angeles

Domestic Violence is a subject I never imagined I would have to address. I especially didn't think I would talk about it in relation to my older sister. I tried my best to create a video that didn't express my overwhelming emotions but a video that instead told her story. So I chose a narrative vide