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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

The Price of Being Thin Keira Edgett, Fordham University

An authentic look at how eating disorders impact people differently. The film consists of interviews with people who have experienced eating disorders firsthand, friends of people that have suffered from eating disorders, and a medical professional.

What Being Amanda Camos, Cardinal Gibbons High School

Young girls and women go through so much every day to achieve the perfect look. But what they don't know is how many chemicals and carcinogens are being absorbed into their precious skin. Millions of mice, rabbits, cats, dogs, and other animals are stuck inside cages in laboratories that are used fo

Be Who You Want To Be Alexa Smith, Chaparral Star Academy

Be Who You Want To Be uses images of dolls overlaid with startling facts to educate people about the struggle women of all ages go through involving body image. From eating disorders to low self esteem, Be Who You Want To Be provides statistics that will shock people into action.

Looking Out on Looking Thin Crystal Campbell, Peddie School

Women are told everyday that thin is in, thin is perfect (although perfect does not exist). So, for my video, I interviewed several women on either their experiences with body shaming, the idea of thinness being perfect, or listened to them talk about loved ones that had to cope with an eating disor

What I learned in class today Sarah Turner, Metropolitan State University of Denver

This is the kind of education young women are receiving not only inside, but also outside the classroom as well.

Breakthrough: Overcoming media pressure and biases Karen Gaytan, Laredo Community College

Bianca is a high school student tired of being pressured to meet certain beauty standards. We follow her day and certain moments leading to her breakthrough.

Tired Laurel Howell, Montgomery Elementary School

Tired is about a girl who goes through an average overwhelming day of tiring events. She claims that everything is tiring her, yet she still goes through obstacles to remain popular, even if it means forcing herself to throw up and making mean comments.

Snowflakes Ana Sainz de Murieta, Ntra. Sra. del Huerto

A brief narration about how my opinion on beauty and beauty standards has changed over the years

Self Image Kanani Hager, Morgan Seiler, Las Vegas Academy

We brought together 10 girls ranging from 6-46 years old. We asked them multiple questions related to the way society impacts self image. In this film it shows how women have unrealistic expectations to live up to on a daily basis.

Fight For New Life: Females Behind Bars Jacqulyne Santullo, Plymouth State University

Victimization is an issue for women in the Criminal Justice System and young girls in the juvenile justice system. Almost 90% of these females have traumatic pasts. They come from backgrounds of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; violence, and so much more. But the unfortunate reality is that th