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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Mirror Mirror Kristen Slade, Durango High School

This video majorly raises awareness of the negative affect modern media can have on girls and women and to help them know that they can still gain control of their lives.

BE PROUD Amanda Triani Ferreira Azevedo, Sistema Elite de Ensino

A lot of people don't belive in the real power of the women, but I do and I'm proud of it.

Beautiful? Brooke Madson, Eden Prairie High School

The definition of what it means to be "Beautiful" has changed drastically over the years. In this short film, I asked girls and women of different ages to tell me what they think makes a girl beautiful, as well as one thing they would like to change about themselves. Their responses show that it's t

Women in the Media: The Muslim Perspective Ismaat Klaibou, Smoky Hill High School

Muslim Women are often talked about when the topic of women in the media and women's over-sexualization is brought up, but rarely are they themselves questioned. So, I questioned a few and here's what they had to say.

Silhouttes Megan Haslett, Richwoods High School

Women in media are portrayed as silhouettes, two dimensional figures only really valued for their shape. In this film, we interview Renee Charles, a former Miss Illinois and former news anchor on her experiences with sexism in the workplace and how to deal with objectification or dehumanization brou

We are Women Kira Janine Robles, Elgin High School

This short film calls attention to the problems women face in how they are portrayed by the media and how they've always been portrayed throughout history, creating stereotypes and marginalization that it is up to the women of today to combat.

I am a Woman Sean Dorney, Cape Henlopen High School

I am a Woman dives into the opinions of various women in American society from a Muslim High School student to a female judge in the Delaware court to truly grasp all the problems that women face, because picking one isn't enough.

Barrington Girls Pave the Way Grace Fitzgerald, Braeden Nelson, Serena Shah , Barrington High School

Our team took the time to sit down with a few women from Barrington High School who are taking the initiative to break down barriers for equality of the sexes. Our discussions included STEM, business, and media.

Honest Beauty: What Defines You? Tara Tremaine, Alexandria Monroe High School

Phone society alters our perspective on beauty.

A Girl's Honest Beauty: From a Guy Justin Wilson, Concord High School

A big trend of 2015 that spread globally in a matter of days and lasted for weeks was the Don't Judge Challenge. This involved making one's self appear to be really ugly and unattractive but then come to reveal what they see beauty as, such as being fit, have amazing hair, wearing a lot of makeup, a