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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

He or She? Myrzakhan Zhumakhan, Nazarbayev University

In the short film, we have decribed some of aspects of gender inequality in the modern world. The film was filmed from the first-person to show that women are discriminated by men. In addition, we wanted to show important scenes of gender inequality and give a reasonable solution.

Creating Change for Women Kiera Quinn, Darien High School

This is a video to portray the needs we still face on an international stage with development of women rights in third world countries, the progress that can and will be made, and the changes we have enacted so far.

Our Host Mothers Peter Ackerman, University of Vermont

I studied a year abroad in Denmark, focusing on Foreign Aid and Development. As a part of our studies we lived in Rakai District, Uganda where we lived with local families, all of them headed by females. This is short video peaking into the lives of our Ugandan host mothers, all leaders in their com

Educating Women and Girls Esther Boamah, Montgomery College

This film helps to raise awareness on the importance of educating women and young girls in society. It also suggests steps that could be taken in order to fix the education-gap that is seen in a lot of societies.

Giving Women their lives Back Adeiyewunmi Osinubi, Yoonyoung Choi , Groton School

In November 2011, my friend and I started the Iris Fistula Project (IFP). IFP is a non-profit organization that helps women who have suffered from obstetric fistula — a birth injury that plagues women around the world. In August 2012, I traveled to Mekelle, Ethiopia to volunteer at Healing Hands o

Giving hope to women living in the street(kenyan and other countries) vera nyarige, Arizona State University

GIVING HOPE TO WOMEN LIVING IN THE STREETS (KENYA AND OTHER COUNTRIES) As we sit every day to have our dinner in our homes, a needy helpless woman is praying for any Good Samaritan to talk to and even understand that she is human as we, only that she is homeless. The number of Street women is i

Amina Costa Soukaina Rahioui, Fatima Ezzohra Boutayeb, Hanane Yantour, Laila Ait Oujamaa , National School of Business and Management in Casablanca, Faculté de Siences de l’Education, Zohr University, Mohammed Ibn Abdellah university

As she reflects on overcoming challenges and obstacles, award winning painter, Amina Costo, shares advice for a new generation of women.