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An Inside Look Into Planned Parenthood Campbell Moore, Katy Laliotis, Melanie An, Canyon Crest Academy

A documentary about Planned Parenthood from the perspective of a patient and a boss at a Planned Parenthood facility.

Lily Jada Reid, Savannah College of Art and Design

Lily struggles to validate her abusive relationship with her unemployed boyfriend to her life-long best friend over dinner.

Pitit Soley Rigodon Soeurette, Faculte d'Ethnologie

Bleaching is selling out everywhere in Haiti, and it get sells a lot, why?

The Modern Black Female Chara Lyons, Clara Barton High School

A film that empowers females to be their best selves.

My Mane Kehinde Adebimpe, Ocoee High School

A short film which encompasses a younge girl named Zuri, who struggles to accept her natural afro. Instead, she hides behind every wigs to mask her thick, frizzy and short but unique hair. She becomes confident after noticing a younge girl wearing her natural hair with confidence. This sparks courag

what's inside of a tampon? Caitlin M Kelly, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School

This short documentary is about tampons and advocating for organic feminine products. It will further educate women and what they are putting in and on their bodies on a day to day basis. Companies with organic tampons that I mentioned are L. LOLA, and TOM

Surviving Burns Mallika Sehgal, FLAME University

A film follows lives of three women who are survivors of domestic violence and its aftermath.

Girls and Dolls Megan K Palmer, SUNY Geneseo

Girls and Dolls is a critical look at the deliberate promotion of beauty standards doll companies produce and market towards young girls. Society rewards women who use makeup to be beautiful, and treats those who may not always choose traditional femininity (makeup/fashion) as lesser. Dolls, markete

The Science Behind the STEM Gender Gap Tiffany Fang, High Technology High School

I'm Tiffany, a girl in a STEM high school. Since I was young, I knew about the gender divide and underrepresentation of girls in STEM. I could see for myself how the gender gap widened in college and magnified even more in computer science or engineering careers. What could be causing such great gap

Tackling Domestic Abuse Emma Rhyne, Bullard High School

When I was a freshman in high school, I heard the label "football player" and made negative assumptions about athletes. These were based on stereotypes that are, sadly, justified by the fact that many high school and college football players are sexist and demeaning. However, as I grew older, I real