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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

The Girl In Light Tyra Lee Lujan, Socorro High School

As a filmmaker I wanted to create a short inspirational film that would encourage girls and women to realize their inner light, to reach our full potential through education. I believe that many of the worlds issues affecting girls and women can be turned around through education. I wanted to focus

Why Me? Erika Garcia, Saddleback Community College

In this video a wife is shown how she is violently abused by her husband who hides his hatred for her from their young son. This video is to spread awareness of violence against women.

Be Who You Want To Be Alexa Smith, Chaparral Star Academy

Be Who You Want To Be uses images of dolls overlaid with startling facts to educate people about the struggle women of all ages go through involving body image. From eating disorders to low self esteem, Be Who You Want To Be provides statistics that will shock people into action.

I am Maria Shafiqua Nawrin Oishi, Asian University for Women

Bangladesh is a country where 49.52% of the total population is female, but how many girls or women does actually make it to sports?? After reading the news of kick boxer, Tajamul Islam, an 8-year-old girl from Kashmir, India, I was moved and there was a sudden epiphany why do not I hear about women

POSSIBLE Deanna Gran, Ida S. Baker High School

All throughout history, women in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) have experienced great social prejudice and discrimination in the workforce. Countless inventions, discoveries, and breakthroughs made by women in STEM have, time after time, been unfairly attributed to

Autism Mothers - Stories of Inspiration Anne Caroline Rabello Rolim , Beatrice Rolim, Michigan State University, Colegio Sidarta

This short movie shows the different stories of 4 mothers of autistic children in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They met through a social network and discuss their views in life, including difficulties they had, prejudice, health, managing with depression, poverty and the outcome of their situations as they be

Asma Pooja Khati, Asian University for Women

This is a story about a thirteen year old girl, Asma. She is not a normal child; she doesn't have a childhood. Neither she has friends nor she goes to school. Due to poverty and lack of opportunities, her life is limited in a Tea shop.

Child For Sale Fiona Bock, The Hotchkiss School

“Child for Sale” is both real and raw, and presents the issue of child sex trafficking without shame or exploitation. It frames the issue of modern day slavery with respect for the people who have lived through it - ultimately showing that these children and young adults are not different from o

Wicked Nandina Cengic, Foster High School

A documentary featuring women sharing stories and ways to move forward regarding violence against women and girls.

Colors Shiloh Cleveland, Ramon C. Cortines High School of the Visual and Performing Arts

This film addresses the effects of the pressures that the standards of society set for women. We see the transformation of a young, happy, and unique girl (represented by the colorful clothing etc.) and how the "black and white" standards of what is "beautiful" or what is "acceptable" destroy her "c