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Street based sex workers of Dhaka city. Neealana Naushin, Asian University for Women, Chittagong

This documentary is based on the struggle and hardship the street based sex workers of Dhaka, Bangladesh have to face in a daily basis. Their earning from per customer is of about Taka 100, which is USD 1.27 only. Neither do they have a sustainable income source nor a secure shelter or access to ess

A Letter to Myself Amanda Neuhouser, Southern Illinois University

A letter to myself is a short film depicting a letter of inspiration to young girl in the midst of her struggling with her skin disorder . It touches upon beauty seen in the eyes of a child as well as the concept of learning a skill, such as learning to play piano, as the same type of work ethic you

ISIS Crisis Amanda Neuhouser, Southern Illinois University

This piece, inspired by true events, tells the story of a mother and daughter that are effected by the threat of ISIS in Syria. As the battle to stay together in this tough time, the fate of one life comes down to the ultimate decision.

Changing Politics: Women's Edition Nikhat Choudhury, Sadie Nash Leadership Project

This film explores the power of women to make change in our political system and the barriers we face to that leadership. I propose a 5-step solution for what girls can do RIGHT NOW to change the face of leadership in their communities!

I Declare My Independence Tiana Wong, Diana Wong, Anna Lin, Jessie Lin, Jan Ying He, Staten Island Technical High School

In this short film "I Declare My Independence," JubileeProjectClub connects women who faces the same issue - media's perspective of beauty. Because media portrays the "perfect" woman as a young beautiful model with a flawless body who is capable of wearing tight clothes, we are not satisfied with th

This or That? Rehan Amira Ally, Miramar High School

"This or That?" is my submission for the Girls Impact the World Film Festival. This film portrays how society is currently influencing our perception of body image. Our choices can lead us down an unrealistic, unachievable, unhealthy, and fatal path. Know yourself, believe, accept, and love who you

Violation Sarah Kutchinski, Grandville High School

Women have suffered for many years as the victims of rape and sexual harassment. For too long, their stories have not been believed and this issue has not been addressed, but the movement to end this has come. Many women have found the courage to speak up and let their voices be heard, and together

2016 GITW Film Fest- Honest Beauty Jessica Mabanglo, Centerville High School

Several strong females tell beauty like it is. Discovering beauty is much more than asking basic questions about image and self-esteem. This film focuses on how authenticity brings out the beauty in women, not striving for attraction. In other words, beauty has a misconception that one must reach a

Life As We Know It: Violence Against Women Gil Covarrubias, Boston University

Violence against women is seen throughout the world everyday. This is a story of hope.

Undocumented Immigrant Women Reina Amaya, Alondra Ceniceros, Karina Lemus, Maria De La Torre, East High School

Although this is meant for a brief description, we will take advantage of this and say other things. We heard of this scholarship a little too late, sadly. But we decided to still turn in in our ideas even if they are not fully portrayed due to the amount of time we had. The reason we chose this top