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what's L.O.V.E Adriiana Jackson (Producer), Denise Sanchez (Videographer) North Shore Senior High School, North Shore Senior High School

When he removed her from her family she thought he was being protective. Love protects-right? When he removed her from her friends she thought he was being possessive. Love takes ownership-right? When he removed her from herself she lost sight of her worth. She thought love was suppose to hurt.

A cause greater than myself Kennedy Schaffer, Millikan High School

In June of 2016, I visited a rural community in Kenya through the non profit organization Grace Works. During this trip my life was transformed and I want to join the movement of women all throughout the world striving to better the lives of women and girls.

Zann Ayesha Siddiq, Super Nova College

A biography of the struggles of a woman, Saeeda, from the tribal areas of Pakistan. Married at the age of 12, she had to learn how to drive at the age of 16 when her husband got disabled, to provide sustenance to the family. A heroic deed in an extremely conservative culture.

"the truth behind domestic violence" The Movement Project Syd Scholes, Campo Verde High School

"the truth behind domestic violence" The Movement Project, brings awareness to domestic violence through the use of movement. Placed in the setting of an abandoned house in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, various aged girls use dance to demonstrate the pain and fear surrounding abuse of all kind. In summar

Fake Reality Cristina Saiz , New Horizons School

Many girls in the world are raised with the idea that they should dress, behave and participate only in activities where they are socially accepted. Certain sports that these young females are interested are not well seen by society but since the majority of those people do not have a reasonable exp

WORDS SHE NEVER SAID Quint Scott, Hiram High School

A young woman attends a therapy session to begin her healing from the hurt of her abusive relationship.

Tough Cookies Jordan Maranto, The University of Texas at Austin

Debbie, Linda, Riley and Cara are your typical young women gabbing about boys and insecurities at a sleepover. But as the conversation unfolds, we learn that appearing "typical" for this group isn't as easy as it looks. A short film breaking the stereotypes and spreading awareness of the chronically

Brannon Johnson: Breaking Barriers Bailey Smith, Hammond High School

The sport of rowing is a small world, and being a minority makes it even smaller. Brannon Johnson has built her own business on the foundation of diversity and inclusion. As the first African American woman in the country to own a rowing business, she continues to overcome obstacles while paving the

The Glass Ceiling Mia Rollins, Ana Little-Sana, e3Civic High

The Glass Ceiling is the story of women facing and overcoming the social, political, and economic inequity's faced by women. Told from the perspective of activists, attorney's, politicians and students.

This is 2017 Rae Kanoa, Palos Verdes High School

In a passionately-worded poem accompanied by visuals, 'This is 2017’ touches base on the social constructions behind the oppression of women.