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Violence and abuse of women in Indonesia Alif Angga Putra Prianto, Zaki Mubarok, Rifqi Arif Muhtarom, Nada Faris Manar, M. Jihad Falah, Tiffani, Multimedia Nusantara University

Violence and sexual abuse have become one of the many cases that have occurred in Indonesia. Cases of violence and sexual abuse are often and very easy for women. Starting from verbal and non-verbal abuse and violence to the occurrence of violence and physical abuse. However, victims who have experi

Honest Beauty - Girls Impact The World Film Festival Sadiyah Matthews, Louisville High School

You don’t have to have the perfect cupid's bow or the perfect nose. Your hair doesn’t have to be straight and long. You don't have to be a size zero. You don’t have to have the straightest smile. Beauty is all about confidence, charisma, and character. We have to train our mind to love ourselv

Bridges Over Borders Macy Smith, Andrea Mosquera, Shadow Creek High School

Based on true events, Syrian refugee Fatima describes her journey from the war-filled city of Damascus, to a refugee camp in Greece. She leaves behind her young daughter and ill husband as she embarks on this expedition alone, abandoning everything she's ever known in order to reach safety.

Bold, Brave Amina Queen, Abdulsalam, University of Calabar, Calabar.

The short film tells a story of a girl who has struggled with education. She has completed her senior secondary school education and wants to further, but then she is not given the opportunity to study what she wants because according to her father, "she is a girl".Through consistency and cry for he

The power of a punch Florence atieno, Cynthia Coredo, Kenyatta Univeristy

The video show the daily lives of young women and their struggles living in unsafe communities. They all are doing boxing using it as tool for self defense and also sensitizing the community on issues of gender based violence.

A Heist of One's Own Pubali (Priya) Ghosh, Savannah College of Art and Design

The world’s last oil tycoon has died. Frank’s seven seize the opportunity to take his widow for all she’s worth. Sally, Mandy, and Jane, notice a disturbing trend within the male dominated group and decide to take a stand.

#BuyOurProduct Sharlene Richards, Cailyn Hoertz, Savannah College of Art and Design

A "real beauty" commercial that satirizes its own format to show how deceptive advertising in the beauty industry is to women everywhere.

A Woman in America - a conversation Diaya Fuller, Duke Ellington School of the Arts

A short film surrounding the ideas of a patriarchal society and a conversation about the impact that it has on women, as well as how they overcome that.

isolation amll ashraf, BA in drama, Ain Shams University, Egypt

The film brings us inside a psychic girl who suffers from social isolation and how to deal with society and how society deals with her

M for Mother Sakina , Medical Institute of Nasir Khisraw

The cruel husband wants to take his wife to a party but his wife does not want to go because she is sick and her eye is bruise, even the husband does not let her to wear her favorite dress and he hates to walk shoulder by shoulder of his wife. Their daughter sees that the mom does not want to go and