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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

LIFE Phuong Vu Hoang, Hanoi University of Sciency and Technology

This short film was made to raise people's awareness about these issues about the consequences of social prejudice and culture on fetal trafficking worldwide. From 2011 to 2017, domestic procedure-conducting agencies discovered and handled 2,748 human trafficking cases with 4,110 subjects, the numbe

Fatima halimah tariq, (25 and under category)

A short documentary that follows the noble works of Ghulam Fatima in helping female brick kiln workers trapped in bonded labor escape the crippling effects of acrid pollution and devastating disease.

Why eco-feminism? Hannah Fitzpatrick, Marina Politis , Institute of Education

This is a short, punchy video that glances into the fascinating topic of eco-feminism. We were compelled into action after our bit of research. Firm in the knowledge that education is key to ending environmental and gender-equality issues, we decided to host an educational workshop ourselves. We ga

Below the Surface Jamicia Mc Calman, University of Guyana

This film captures how as young women we must become more knowledgeable of the cosmetics and beauty products we put on our bodies. While it seem as though we're simply glowing on the outside, below the surface the chemicals contained in many of these products are harmful to our bodies and the envir

Girls Impact the World Film Festival 2018: 3 things that still todayis afecting our society Naieroby Mervil, Freedom High School

This video talks about the 3 problems that still is affecting our society. In fact, we propose solutions for those problems.

Unlearn the Bias Catherine White, Wiregrass Ranch High School

With rising statistics and locker room banter, it is important to face the music with rape culture. Men must stand up against sexual assault and violence against women. In this short documentary we interview a college basketball coach and hear the words of Emma Watson on the role men play in athleti

Lebron James's Stand for Women's Rights and Violence Against Women Kirsten Brunswick, Anna High School

This film details the way that professional athlete Lebron James has stood up for the rights of women and spoken out against women's violence during his professional basketball career.

Chasing Himalayas Binita Jirel , Asian University for Women

The documentary is about my first solo trek experience to Upper Mustang, Nepal in summer 2017.

Where Does Inequality STEM From and How Do We Overcome It? Jodi Nguyen, Diamond Bar High School

Diamond Bar High School's Society of Women Engineers discuss the inequality in STEM fields and how that inequality can be overcome.

Changing Hip - Hop Through Truth Courtney-Lauren Faiella, Florida State University

PharohD is an MC residing in Tallahassee whos speaks truth through his lyrics. He raps about what is plaguing him and allows others to see things from a new perspective from their own. He encourages women to be themselves and not listen to misogynistic remarks for women are the creators of the world