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Bhabi's Urban Gardening Shafiqua Nawrin Oishi, Asian University for Women

Only with 11.2% forest, Bangladesh is among the Asian countries with least forest area. Dhaka being its capital reflects the scenario where the total population is about 19 million and counting. Being one of the most densely populated capitals, 24 thousand people lives per square kilometers. Even in

Environmental Issues Facing Women and Children Sara Nottingham, Albemarle High School

This film addresses the impacts of climate change on the environment, as well as women and children.

Buried Beneath Us Amanda Camos, Cardinal Gibbons High School

In this sad reality of pet overpopulation, shelter dogs could end up in a landfill buried with the rest of the trash. Photographer Shannon Johnstone made a difference with her Landfill Dogs project, photographing shelter dogs in an effort to find them a permanent home and show how these forgotten do

Tune Your Ears Rebecca Dharmapalan, UC Berkeley

In this film thesis I am looking at the themes of immigration, migration, civil war, genocide and freedom's effects on self-identity. In the process of filming my four South Asian grandparents, I hope to understand their lives better, and thorough their stories grow to understand the complexities of

The Real Women In STEM Montaha Chowdhury, Asian University for Women

When it comes to Science in Bangladesh, women are told generally to be doctors or go to a certain field that is"suitable" for them. But Women in the STEM in Bangladesh do exist! But how many know about their experiences? And why don't we discuss this more often? When it comes to Science, Bangladesh

Houston Air Edwin Campos, Lone Star College Cy Fair

Edwin explores environmental issues in the city of Houston, TX. Edwin particularly looks at how pollution, in terms of air pollution, damages local and surrounding community's health and potential solutions. An important component that is looked at, is the potentially significant amount of illegal

Indefinite Melissa Gurusinghe, King's College London

Hundreds of asylum seekers, survivors of FGM, Human trafficking, rape and war are unlawfully detained indefinitely in a prison-like compounds, where neglect and mismanagement are commonplace. A place like this couldn't exist here ? These are the untold stories of the indefinitely detained asylum see

The Senses of Beauty Melissa Aguilar, Acero Major Hector P. Garcia MD High School

In my video, I explain my meaning of beauty standards. How machismo/society has tried to control my life and who I should be as a young woman.

The Gods will be angry Preeti Shakya, Janaki Medical College, Tribhuvan University

In Nepal, menstrual hygiene management still remains a major challenge to most girls and women- with shame and stigma attached around menstruation, limited health education and lack of hygienic sanitary materials contributing to health problems, social exclusion and poor educational outcomes. In cer

Honest Beauty - A Commentary Kirsten Lam, Northville High School

What is beauty? This film seeks to explore the concept of beauty in society, followed by a personal interpretation from the creator of the film, Kirsten Lam, and those of other girls/women in her community.