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Code Like A Girl Sofia Ongele, Albert Einstein Academy

Women and girls make up only 18% of computer science graduates. If we want innovations of the future to have diversity of thought and creation, women need to be a part of the conversation. To solve this, we need more girls to learn to code. The results are astounding, just watch what happens when a

Women in STEM Winnona Li, California Academy of Mathematics and Science

Women feel discouraged from pursuing STEM careers, which can begin at a young age, leading to the gender gaps that we see in STEM fields today. In order to change these statistics, we must change the way we treat our girls at school and at home. We must encourage them to participate in STEM activit

Carousel Alexandra "Sasha" Duckworth, University of South Carolina

What are the most important moments in your life? What would you do if you could not experience them? For millions of women and girls across the globe, this is their reality. Burdened by insufficient healthcare systems and shorter lifespans, women everywhere often miss out on the beautiful things th

Don't Wait Carmen Padron, Yankton High School

My musical film, embodies a song of hope that I made for the future, a song that explores the idea that we as humans are all the same, and the people I share in the video are huge inspirations, that deserve to be followed, they exemplify the hope that many of us are looking for today, the song is si

Equality and Empowerment Through Education Grace Dorman, The Sharon Academy

Giving pure statistics and raw data on Women's education around the world, why we don't have it and why we need it.

Defining beauty Norhan Qasem, Normandale Community College

A poem about what it means to be beautiful.

It's Time To Talk Pauline Schrott, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

A troupe of young women ventured out to find the answer to the question "How can we help young women be more at peace with themselves so that they can go out and create positive change for the world?" This led them down many streets and alleys in Hong Kong, holding conversations with both men and w

Paint your Beauty Leala Ho, Norcross High School

This video is for the GITW Film Festival and Honest Beauty. In this video, I've asked several friends to PAINT their definition of beauty as they discuss the topic. We each have our own idea of what beauty truly means to us. Sometimes it is difficult to talk about beauty, so this brings awareness ab

Unknown Alexandria Principe, Trinity Hall

In this short film, a girl is in an abusive relationship. She does not see the problem and makes no move to free herself from this abuse.

Imago Dei Kelsia Cadet, Nassau community college

Colorism has deeply infected the hearts of the black American communities. It has been ingrained throughout generations to believe that beauty only stems from a Eurocentric standard. The character describes her trying to obtain western beauty standards by lightening her skin and straightening her ha