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It's All a Rouge Mae Sebastian, La Pietra Hawai'i School for Girls

A teen named April has no motivation whatsoever to prepare for senior prom. Unfortunately for April, her best friend Kat has the total opposite mindset. Kat drags April out of bed and out of her comfort zone, with the intention of taking a cake faced April to prom with her. But is April really at he

My beautiful self Rebecca Gorman, Washington Community High School

This is my story, and my take on what it means to beautiful in today's society

Unimaginable: Discovering the horrors of life as a girl in rural Kenya Chloe Evans, Huntington University Peoria, Az

This documentary looks at the unimaginable lives of girls on the run. My family travels to Kenya to visit our sponsored child and we come face to face with the barbaric practice of FGM which is still alive and practiced in these rural parts of Kenya and many other parts of the world.

Connecther - Women and Men Kevin Keelan, St. Andrew's Episcopal School

We decided to interview some of the women in our school to get a positive view of the women's movement. This was helpful since our film class consists of only males and we wanted to learn about the women's movement as well as add our support to the cause.

To Be Alone Kaitlin Lederer, Paul V Moore High School

This is a short film following the daily life of a “normal” teenager with an eating disorder.

Beauty in Today’s World Katie Cashman, Exeter High School

This Video features Mary Joe Brown, President and founder of New Hampshire women’s foundation, Cindy Khoury who is a US Air Force veteran and stay at home mom, a fellow high school student named Ella, and myself Catherine Cashman. I created This video because I truly want to get the word out on th

Team Infinity Kaylen Ng, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School

At Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, a group of girls saw under representation in their CyberPatriots program. So as freshmen, they came together to form their district's first all-girls CyberPatriots team. Now, three years later, their team has inspired a multitude of girls to join STEM teams suc

Dara Fauzan Cakra Dermawan, Hasanuddin University

Dara tells a story about a young woman named Dara who was not confident with her looks. In her opinion, society has defined what is beauty based on the perspective given by the mainstream media, which is the beauty based on the physical outlook only. She tried to present herself as what others want

Honest Beauty Enya Bours, Independence High School

Today's society is a place where everyone is pressured to "fit in." But if fitting in is at the expense of self-acceptance and self-expression, is it really worth it? This short film explores the impact media has on girls of all ages, and how "perfect" is a dream that doesn't require you to change i

If The World Was A School Nivaal Rehman, Maryam Rehman, Sinclair Secondary School

The documentary, "If The World Was A School" follows the story of the filmmakers Maryam and Nivaal Rehman's experience in being twin activists for girls education since they were eight years old. The story unfolds with the first visit the twins made to the girls' government school in their village t