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The women across tradition HANNAH KEZIA JOSE, Asian University for Women

Mosammat Jasmine currently is in her 50’s is still active in road, fighting with men and society and independently finding her way for her living. She is coming from a small area in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Few years after her marriage her husband abandoned her. It was a very big responsibility for

Honest Beauty Samantha Venturo, Marvin Ridge High School

I interviewed women to find out what they see as beautiful.

Who Is JenBKLYN? Roxanne Lim, St. John's University

Media personality JenBKLYN revisits her childhood dreams and shares the experiences that inspired her to break down industry expectations and form her own company, NextJeneration.

I'm not what you see Yrys, AUCA

what to wear if you are criticized all the time? What to wear if people already have their prejudices? We often judge without knowing people's background.

Finding Beauty Kailen Kim, Etowah High School

A documentary of Eli Hughes, a non-binary transgender, who struggled with finding themself through their gender identity. This film is based on society's definition of beauty and how it affects girls, boys, and people of all genders. Coming out from being labeled as a girl to a non-binary transgende

Maria: Cradle of Independence Edwin Campos, Lone Star College Cy Fair

The documentary highlights the background, education, and views of a young Hispanic female immigrant student from Mexico. Maria, Princeton University student, has accomplished far into academics, but it has not been easy at all. She details hardships she personally has encountered into her universit

Truth Talissa Wright, Savannah College of Art and Design

Ali, a high school freshman, is playing a game of Truth or Dare with her two friends, Beth and Crystal, who share about their sexuality and past relationships. Beth and Crystal talk about how they are occasionally pressured into giving more than they would like to. Feeling uncomfortable, Ali goes

Waste, A source of Resource: WAR- Learn to Empower Sadia Jafrin, Amina Azad, Jahangirnagar University, Independent University Bangladesh

Waste is a resource out of place. We saw that there was lots of waste littering here and there that made the environment hazardous. We chose this since we realized that Bangladesh does have waste management awareness but the awareness is built within people o

We Are Beautiful Irl Paulalengan, Rangeview High School

This film is a documentary of what people see themselves, and it shows the between of people when they are being asked on social media or on the spot. Coming from the oppression group of community made me think what do these people thought about themselves and how they see beauty.

Carry Your Dream With You | Seba: Out of the Refugee Camp to Create a Smart Life-jacket Shereen Nidal Nanish, JMI

Saba Al-Obaid, a Syrian girl who lives in Al-Azraq refugee camp in Jordan created a smart life jacket. Her determination and passion enabled her to won a place at a scientific event "marathon" under the name of Astrolab in Jordan. This scientific initiative helped in shedding the light on her talent