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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Alone Marsha Gonzalez, Palm Beach State College

A young woman is battling her everyday life as a victim of abuse until one day she decides to change this.

Answer Me This Sarah Jarrell, NC School of Science and Math

The world today is getting smarter, trying to correct past mistakes. Answer Me This portrays the fact that this generation of girls empower themselves, regardless of what society thinks. However, media has taken its toll on self-image and women are still negatively affected. This project is one of r

In Broad Daylight Vivienne Harris, Santa Fe High School

A short film documentary to bring to light the way women and girls are forced into sexual labor. This film was created to bring awareness to the epidemic of human trafficking.

Give a Voice to the Voiceless Taylor Robinson, Vanguard High School

This documentary was filmed at Vanguard High school, with the basis of the Give a Voice to the Voiceless movement that the students started. The interviewees are all International Baccalaureate students that attended this high school and who are passionate about this issue. Mrs. Stephanie DeVilling

Hear Me Roar Matalyn (Koda) Calma, Seneca Valley Senior High School

Helen Reddy once said, "I am woman, hear me roar." This quote is what inspired current high school senior Justine Szurley to start her small business, HMR Apparel. Justine's company is a handmade clothing brand that works to promote gender equality and female empowerment. Through HMR's designs and p

The Basic Need No One Talks About Lorena Bonet, Andrea Brito , Fairdale High School, St. Francis School

This film creates awareness about the issue of periods. Periods are a natural occurrence in a woman’s life. They can be beautiful and uncomfortable but can also degrade the life of many women who lack access to sanitary products. Such lack of a basic need results in health issues, loss of dignity,

The Glass Ceiling Katie Mishra, Castilleja School

"The Glass Ceiling" explores the origin and meaning of the phrase "glass ceiling" in today's society. Using examples from powerful women such as Sheryl Sandberg and Hillary Clinton, the film highlights the barriers currently facing women and strategies for overcoming them. Overall, this film is abou

By The Hand of A Man Elizabeth Forrester, Hempfield High School

A woman married her husband some time ago but now he is becoming more and more aggressive to the point where he has begun to hit her.

Persepective Of The Future Valeria Vela, Communications Arts High School

I interviewed two girls and got their thoughts and experience on wanting to go into STEM despite it being a male dominated field.

The Note Jessica Calvin , Hazen High School

A note is passed around a classroom and every girl who sees the note has a different reaction. What could they possibly be reading?