Connecther Presents:

GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Shining the Light on Human Trafficking Diana Le, Matthew Perez, Alexandra Haas, Texas Sunshines (spirit group), University of Texas at Austin

Texas Sunshines partnered up with PACT (Partners Against Child Trafficking) to raise awareness on human trafficking. No one should be bought.

Fries Chloe Callahan, Horseheads High School

"Fries" aims to highlight the unfortunate similarities between how woman and food are shown on screen, in addition to the difference between how women see themselves and how women are seen on TV and in movies.

OVERDUE Kenley Duke, Jada George, Malcolm Lott, Hampton University

Overdue is a short film highlighting the everyday dynamics of dating violence and it's detrimental effects on the victim. A young woman, hopeful for her relationship to change, faces emotional, mental and physical trauma that causes her world to unravel at the hands of time.

Our Journey Brianna Becerra-Yanez , Palo Verde Magnet High School

Hear the stories of two refugee teen age girls. In this documentary/short film get to know two brave Middle Eastern girls Farhana Mohammad, and Rahaf Kataf and how their refugee experiences changed their lives forever.

Mirrors Natasha Leland, Northfield Jr/Sr High School

After discovering the lies told by mirrors and society, a young girl discovers the real meaning of beauty by embracing her true self and discovering ways to support those in need with the use of her unique qualities and friends.

Reflections Tamsen Simpson, Melbourne High School

A young artist is facing self esteem issues as she is painting portraits, yet doesn't find herself in anyway to be beautiful.

Violation Sarah Kutchinski, Grandville High School

Women have suffered for many years as the victims of rape and sexual harassment. For too long, their stories have not been believed and this issue has not been addressed, but the movement to end this has come. Many women have found the courage to speak up and let their voices be heard, and together

How Women Empower The World Sianne Enis, Deer Valley High School

This film is about how women empower the world and have surpassed the expectations that people have for them also about sexual and physical abuse against children and women.

What is Beauty? Bethany Williams, Niobrara County High School

"What is Beauty?" is a video that teaches girls what true beauty is, what it is not, and how they can obtain it.

Cut Aicha Cherif , School of the Future

Cut tells the story of female genital mutilation survivors. At age 15, Aicha Cherif found out that every single women in her family had undergone FGM at a young age. Aicha's mother in a brave move sent Aicha to America so she wouldn't undergoing FGM as an infant.