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Submission deadline for Green IS extended to January 20, 2020. Contact for details.

Do you know a Girl Greening Up the World?

The Ian Somerhalder (IS) Foundation & Girls Impact the World have partnered to present the inaugural GITW / Green IS Award!

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STUDENTS submit your 3-6 minute film on environmental issues that either:
1) propose solutions to environmental issues that impact women and girls OR
2) create awareness about environmental issues that impact women and girls. Maybe it's a profile of a woman making a difference in the field, a law legislated by a woman, a specific problem that affects the economic activity of women in a given area, etc. How can these two issues come together to solve an environmental problem and advance women?

Topics may include: climate change, green energy, water, pollution, garbage and waste reduction, bio-diversity, and other issues. Your film can be a: narrative, documentary, investigative reporting, music video, animation, or curated film (film collage).

Film Festival Guidelines, see here. **disregard "issue areas" under eligibility on guidelines page as Green IS issue areas are environmental related. All other film requirements on guidelines page are applicable.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing how your film addresses girls greening up the world. Good luck!

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Grand prize is $2500

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Atsuko Quirk Julie Lin, Edmund He, Baruch College

The profile of Atsuko Quirk, the media director of a zero waste non-profit organization called Cafeteria Culture based in NYC, and how she makes a change towards waste reduction.

Saving Nature Nadejda Nikolaeva, American Academy Larnaca

A girl that is an environmental activist, tries to make the world better. She does not have the power to save it by her own due to the majority that acts irresponsibly. In the film she meets Mother Nature, which did not know about pollutiona and rubbish on the streets, until she ineed looked in to t

An Introduction to Reusable Menstrual Products Taryn Everdeen, Paston College

Despite menstruation being a phenomenon that half of the world experience, there have been no major innovations in the way we respond to our periods in over seventy years. Shame around the topic still exists. And this taboo is the reason that there aren't more people using reusable menstrual product

Ecovillage Brachoua Fatima Mouhammou, Abdelmalek Essady University

This film is a short documentary about the story of ecovillage Barachoiua in Morocco which concluded that the collective will when led by women supported by men ,have the power to make the impossible became possible and they found solutions to big environmental problems...


(Screenplay by Jesang Mercy) When confronted with a rather impossible pick between remaining a student or taking care of her ailing elder brother and her blind grandmother, Mwende makes a difficult pick that sets her on a bumpy path. Just like so many other girls and women in her village in the p

What I love most Nguyen Thi Kieu Oanh , Academy of Journalism and Communication

Lan is an 11-year-old girl living in a poor village in Vietnam. She is an ethnic minority. Her village has no electricity, no clean water system, no phone waves. Life is very poor, children get married early. Lan and her friends always dream to go to school.

Water crisis and women Mudassir Ilyas Khattak, Abdul wali khan university Mardan

Water issue with women faces in many places of the country, but i selected a place in Khyber Pakhtonkhwa, District Bajuar, where women faces more problem in getting water.Women travel upto 4 kilometer from mountain to lower area and then again 4 kilometer to the top of mountain all are recorded in t

Water crisis and women Mudassir ilyas khattak, Abdul wali khan university Mardan

Pakistan cross red line of water in 1990,and now in Pakistan the area of hills and mountain facing the problem of water crisis due to level of water is decreases. Water is affecting of climate change Pakistan is the country in which cutting of forest is faster. We recorded in this documentary the ar

Molding a future Priscilla Calvin Marealle, St.Marygoreti Secondary School

This is a story of an African Woman who passed through a bitter past with the traditions of her culture but is trying her level best to mold her daughter so that she can break the harmful codes of her culture.

Isang Kahig, Isang Tuka: One Scratch, One Peck Oshin Edralin, Pasadena City College

A documentary about women garbage pickers in the Philippines: these women are either too sick or malnourished, too uneducated and too poor to be able to lift themselves up towards economic independence. Generation after generation face poverty because picking garbage does not sustain them and their