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LIFE Phuong Vu Hoang, Hanoi University of Sciency and Technology

This short film was made to raise people's awareness about these issues about the consequences of social prejudice and culture on fetal trafficking worldwide. From 2011 to 2017, domestic procedure-conducting agencies discovered and handled 2,748 human trafficking cases with 4,110 subjects, the numbe

Fatima halimah tariq, (25 and under category)

A short documentary that follows the noble works of Ghulam Fatima in helping female brick kiln workers trapped in bonded labor escape the crippling effects of acrid pollution and devastating disease.

Environmental Issues Facing Women and Children Sara Nottingham, Albemarle High School

This film addresses the impacts of climate change on the environment, as well as women and children.

Tune Your Ears Rebecca Dharmapalan, UC Berkeley

In this film thesis I am looking at the themes of immigration, migration, civil war, genocide and freedom's effects on self-identity. In the process of filming my four South Asian grandparents, I hope to understand their lives better, and thorough their stories grow to understand the complexities of

Carousel Alexandra "Sasha" Duckworth, University of South Carolina

What are the most important moments in your life? What would you do if you could not experience them? For millions of women and girls across the globe, this is their reality. Burdened by insufficient healthcare systems and shorter lifespans, women everywhere often miss out on the beautiful things th

If The World Was A School Nivaal Rehman, Maryam Rehman, Sinclair Secondary School

The documentary, "If The World Was A School" follows the story of the filmmakers Maryam and Nivaal Rehman's experience in being twin activists for girls education since they were eight years old. The story unfolds with the first visit the twins made to the girls' government school in their village t

Maksad (The Aim) Pooja Gowtham Bohra, Flame University

A glimpse into the difficulties and hopes of a small town girl trapped in the expectations of society and her responsibilities towards her family.

The women across tradition HANNAH KEZIA JOSE, Asian University for Women

Mosammat Jasmine currently is in her 50’s is still active in road, fighting with men and society and independently finding her way for her living. She is coming from a small area in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Few years after her marriage her husband abandoned her. It was a very big responsibility for

Who Is JenBKLYN? Roxanne Lim, St. John's University

Media personality JenBKLYN revisits her childhood dreams and shares the experiences that inspired her to break down industry expectations and form her own company, NextJeneration.

Maria: Cradle of Independence Edwin Campos, Lone Star College Cy Fair

The documentary highlights the background, education, and views of a young Hispanic female immigrant student from Mexico. Maria, Princeton University student, has accomplished far into academics, but it has not been easy at all. She details hardships she personally has encountered into her universit