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Community Service in Kenya Claris Karembo, Hannah Nduta, Daraja Academy of Kenya

Daraja Academy is one of the first free all girls secondary schools in Kenya. It serves girls who are bright wouldn't otherwise have the (financial) means to continue their education. Here, two students examine the relationship between their secondary school and the community service they do at home

Stand Up Cai Xi Hopkins, Colorado State University

Stand Up is trying to combat the inequity in education for women by giving examples of injustice and encouraging everyone to stand up for equal rights.

X-Out Homelessness: Women Homelessness Reshini Premaratne, Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies

Women homelessness has become an increasing issue in the past two decades. In 2011, two thirds of adults receiving homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing program assistance were women. Along with that, 28.7% of individuals in homelessness shelters are women, a significant increase since the 19

The Way To Freedom Shorif Sonia, Asian University For Women (AUW)

In this film, I compared our world as a car. A car can't move forward if two wheels are unequal. In our society, men our superior than women. If we want the world to move forward then we have to bring equality and make a change. I showed a whole story to show how we can change everything. The story

Giving hope to women living in the street(kenyan and other countries) vera nyarige, Arizona State University

GIVING HOPE TO WOMEN LIVING IN THE STREETS (KENYA AND OTHER COUNTRIES) As we sit every day to have our dinner in our homes, a needy helpless woman is praying for any Good Samaritan to talk to and even understand that she is human as we, only that she is homeless. The number of Street women is i

Youth LINKS Student Project: The Children of My Land and I Students of Marefat School: Farkhunda (director) with Yasamin, Halima, Fatima, Asma, Tahira, Morsal, Nargis, Seyah, Marefat School

In 2011 and 2012, six groups of Afghan and American youth tackled the definition and realities of global citizenship through Youth LINKS, a yearlong virtual exchange program run by Global Nomads Group and School of Leadership, Afghanistan (SOLA). As a final project, students produced short documenta

Mandisa's Story Mandisa Madikane, Keana Cupido, Fortunate Khiba, Sthokozo Mabaso, Sihle Mhalanga, Lerato Mazibuko, Mossouri High School, UJ Soweto Entrepreneurship

A moving video of Mandisa, a GlobalGirl reporter from Soweto who shares with us the reality of living as a young woman with HIV in South Africa. She very bravely talks about when she was raped by a neighbor at six years old.