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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

An Attempt on Equality Christie Marshall, Oakdale High School

I believe in equality. Growing up I've believed that I have to be perfect, but that was wrong. My imperfections make up who I am, of this I am not ashamed.

Giving a voice Akriti Manandhar, Asian University for Women

This documentary is about a cleaner working at Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It shows the social and economic challenges she has to face while supporting her family through her earnings. It is an effort to give a voice to what she has to say about the society she is living in

Who Made Your Clothes? Emily Cahill, Loveland High School

This video raises awareness about the effects on women in third-world countries from working in sweatshops and factories.

Samuel's House: More Than A Shelter Arielle R. Feldman, William T. McFatter Technical High School

Despite being a major tourist and party city, Key West, Florida has a pressing homeless epidemic. To combat this, local activist Elmira Leto started Samuel's House, an organization that helps struggling women and their families live happy, healthy and productive lives.

A true inspiration Gjorgjina Cenikj, Orce Nikolov

The story of the most inspiring woman, whose contribution to women in Macedonia is too immense to be fitted into a 5 minute movie. She is the founder of an association of women and has inspired them to work, not only to help other women in need, but also to help themselves overcome the prejudice of

Asma Pooja Khati, Asian University for Women

This is a story about a thirteen year old girl, Asma. She is not a normal child; she doesn't have a childhood. Neither she has friends nor she goes to school. Due to poverty and lack of opportunities, her life is limited in a Tea shop.

Who is responsible? Ana Oliveira-Beuses, Vishlesh Gondalia, John Sapp, University of Florida

We're all responsible for modern day slavery. We as college students might not notice this problem in our daily lives but it is happening everywhere and we need to do something about it. This video is meant to raise awareness about slavery and serve as a wake-up call for those who wish to do somethi

Zann Ayesha Siddiq, Super Nova College

A biography of the struggles of a woman, Saeeda, from the tribal areas of Pakistan. Married at the age of 12, she had to learn how to drive at the age of 16 when her husband got disabled, to provide sustenance to the family. A heroic deed in an extremely conservative culture.

Kanyambo Impano Blaise Nicolas, University of Tourism and Technology in Rwanda

Kanyambo, 11 years old girl, dream to compete in a tyre race, usually reserved for boys, Her mother Miss Alice, changed by the society, she force her daughter to always stay at home . Mr Harera, the owner of the Boys Tyre club, try to stop Kanyambo from racing in the competition. And Kanyambo

Good Threads Needlepoint Belts Griffin Olis, Karl Jungquist, Athens High School

Haitian women in a small impoverished Dominican town create beautiful needlepoint belts to support their family and achieve economic independence.