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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

She is the Flower Miriam Gonzalez, Marsha Gonzalez, G-Star school of the arts

This film is a representation of Women in the world, through a flower. The film is said in a narrative monologue of the struggles that flowers, which symbolize women and what they go through in life, and brings awareness to two global issues (Climate Change and Water) on the environment that impact

The Ripple Effect Sarah Jahaan Khan, Headstart School

'The Ripple Effect' shows how access to safe water has transformed the lives of rural women in Pakistan. When seasonal patterns began to change and rainfall became scarce, these women adopted methods of conserving rainwater. Not only do girls like Deeba no longer have to make the back breaking 8 kil

A Threat to Mother Nature Emma Phelps, Minster School

This films examines the impact that climate change will have on women.

Child #3 Jennifer Gao, Jamie Chen, St. Ignatius College Preparatory

Millions of women each year have their children forcibly aborted due to China's one child policy. This is one woman's story.

Historias Indígenas Liliana Caracoza, Tacoma Community College

Historias Indígenas is a short documentary on indigenous women’s rights in Veracruz, Mexico. Isidora’s Petronilo Molina eyes fill with tears as she talks about the injustices committed against her husband. “Everything because we are indigenous, they took advantage of them,” Isidora said.

Vacuum Beneath Their Wings Ananya Singh, Delhi Public School , Sushant Lok

This is a documentary that takes us to the slums of India and discusses the the problems that millions of women around the world face every day. It shows us the importance of education and basic rights. It also features the story of a woman who has had to go through the brutality of domestic violen

Where You Least Expect. Ariel McClendon, Wallace State Community College

This video adresses of how much women are in poverty in the world, a few reasons why women are in poverty, and how they can get themselves out of poverty. It also talks about what other people can do to help women who are in poverty.

Listen Anna Woldstad, Liberty High School

Three different stories of women all over the world each with hardships including; violence, poverty, and sex trafficking.

Draw My Life: Average Yemeni Women Rowida Abdelhafez, Abdullah Nabeen, Elaine Kuang, Christy Lin, Ellie Ly, High School of Telecommunication Arts and Technology

This is the story of the average Yemeni women (Mariam) and the hardships she will face due to the inequalities that exist in her country between men and women. Yemeni women are likely to become impoverished, illiterate, unemployed and married young with few rights to divorce, custody or inheritance

Educating Women and Girls Esther Boamah, Montgomery College

This film helps to raise awareness on the importance of educating women and young girls in society. It also suggests steps that could be taken in order to fix the education-gap that is seen in a lot of societies.