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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Girls and the Environment Nicole Luhrs, Chaparral High School

Hand-drawn writing and pictures informing the public about the environment and how it impacts girls today, with a video of children dancing at the end.

Harvesting Hope Sarah Jahaan Khan, Headstart School

The World Health Organization (1992) reported that roughly 3 million pesticide poisonings occurred annually, and women suffered disproportionately. In many countries cotton picking is done exclusively by women, and my film highlights the health implications of chemical pesticides on them, and its un

Burden or Boon: Live of Burmese Migrant People Eaint Thae Phyu Kyaw, James, Thein Zaw, Theingi Win, Minmahaw School

Life of the Burmese migrants in Thailand have been very miserable and challenging, especially for women and children living in the camps. The quality of life and social determinants of the basic rights including education and healthcare have been compromised of these refugee women and children in Ma

Out of Frying Pan Moe Moe Myint Zaw, Eh Htoo Thaw, Lat Lat Khine, Myo Sat Aung, Minmahaw School

Social Action for Women (SAW), a shelter home for children of Burmese migrants in Thailand, is working for their education and providing huge support to the HIV/AIDS affected women. SAW also has other programs ensuring social rights of Burmese migrant women and children; and not surprisingly, this f

Teen Preganancy- Animation Brianna Criddle, University of Washington

This video examines how hard it is for a teen to be a mother and the responsibilities of dealing with it while having to balance school life all combine into an animated sequence. This video gives you an idea of how difficult it is being a teen mother while stating how it's not worth it and to thin

Progression Cassidy Robinson, James Bowie High School

Progression follows the story of a struggling mother trying to make her way to economic independence over a period of time.

More Than Here Gabriella Cisneros, Mishicot High School

A short animation that illustrates how females are ostracized in societies throughout the world. It suggests what women could do if they were given the chance. It ends with websites that allow the viewer to help the oppressed gender rise in the world with one simple gift: education.

Heros Lily Jones, Omaha North High School

Orphans in Africa find ways to make communities and to care for one another.

Rural to Ramp - Handcraft Development Iwani Mawocha, Waterford Kamhlaba United World College

A closer look at how handcraft is making a difference in poverty alleviation. This short documentary shows the outcome of developing handcrafts when high-end design is incorporated. Designers and handcraft artisans are partnered to produce products that are African by inspiration and contemporary in

The Womb Lottery Jacqueline Allegra, Florida State University

A documentary on women facing income disparity in Sarasota, FL.