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the white lie Jin Chuan, Communication University of China

The Wihte Lie The two old people. The women was seriously ill for many years, unable to care for herself and lost the basic language skills. Due to health reasons, the old women only have the husband and pass time in the world of television . Did not expect the only child died in an accident .The c

Education is Key Krista Strom, R. L. Turner High School

Everyone interviewed in this film (and chances are, most everyone watching it) is lucky enough to have been born in a place where most of the time, sexism is simply something that is annoying and gets in the way, but is not a matter of life or death. Unfortunately, in many countries this is not the

When Woman Abandon their children. tahidy arreguin, great basin college

When a mother leaves her children behind we see the impact. Lets change the percentages and help mothers who need help from addiction or anything else find the help they desperately need.

Girls Impact the World Rivly Breus, Florida Atlantic University

The is a brief video and my entry for the Girls Impact the World Film Festival Contest. It deals with the issue of girls and women, their struggles to get out of the cycle of poverty and seek education, as well as the opposition they face. I thank Water for People and Half the Sky for inspiring

A Chance For Life Sabrina Ahmadzai, Philadephia Academy Charter High School

"A Chance For Life" is a short documentary focused on the main problems faced by females in society today, especially towards the females in countries where they have no rights as well as preventing them to receive an education. I want to bring awareness towards this imbalance, the status of women i

Utopia Arnab Mondal,Amrita Saha,Shubham Ghosh,Rudradev Bhattacharya,Pariplab Chakroborty,Tanmoy Ganguly,Debalin Roy, Koushik Maity, Aishariya Ghosh,Rohit Mookherjee, Ghatal Vidyasagar High School

A teenage boy while going on the road sees some traditional incidents(like child marriage, water wastage) that are pervading our Society. One night he saw beautiful Dream of an ideal world. He realizes that together we can stop these type of evils. All we need a little effort from all.

Giving Women their lives Back Adeiyewunmi Osinubi, Yoonyoung Choi , Groton School

In November 2011, my friend and I started the Iris Fistula Project (IFP). IFP is a non-profit organization that helps women who have suffered from obstetric fistula — a birth injury that plagues women around the world. In August 2012, I traveled to Mekelle, Ethiopia to volunteer at Healing Hands o

The Spring Storm Polen Ly, Health Science University

From the poor condition basement, she has opened her scar to tell a storm during her spring made by her own relatives-her father.

Satriani Dina Eliseeva, Institute of modern arts

Russian family, which din't won't turning into beasts.

A Chance Sarah Gale, Pine Crest School

Maria, a 19-year-old girl living in the slums of Cartagena, Colombia, bares her heart and soul for us as she shares her past of abuse, addiction, assault, and her story of survival and triumph. If this harsh reality is changed, girls like Maria can reach their full potential and change their future