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Girls Education - the key to a better world Karina Alibhai, Stratford Hall

This video outlines the power of education and the ability it has to change our world. If we start to put more emphasis on education for girls, the global problems we are facing today can truly be solved.

Stephanie Jealous Of Him Olivia Merrion, James Madison University

Stephanie Jealous Of Him is a Lakota woman I met while I was on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I asked her if I could interview her, and she told me her history. I never asked a beginning question, she simply began to talk--and I listened.

my story my story my life story Asma Firdoz Iqbal Shariff -Grade 8, Niveditha Munirassappa- Grade 8, Monisha Mary Antony Das -Grade 9, Revathi Muthu-Grade 11, Varalakshmi Muthuraj-Grade 11 , Pavithra Kumar- Grade 11, Sowmya Venkatesh - Grade 8, Gopal Krishna-Grade 10, Priyan Pra, Christel House India, Bangalore

MY STORY … MY STORY … MY LIFE STORY This is a real life story based on a student named Swetha studying in 1st grade at Christel House India. We have chosen her because she is the best student in her class though from a poor background. When she first came to school she was a silent and a very sc

The Amazons Cry Ignacio Núñez Palmieri, Forest Trial Academy

With performances of Haitian and Dominican women, this short film represents four different countries in which some of the most basic women's rights are violated every day. All in the effort to create awareness and motivate the viewer into spreading the word about these issues.

Autism Mothers - Stories of Inspiration Anne Caroline Rabello Rolim , Beatrice Rolim, Michigan State University, Colegio Sidarta

This short movie shows the different stories of 4 mothers of autistic children in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They met through a social network and discuss their views in life, including difficulties they had, prejudice, health, managing with depression, poverty and the outcome of their situations as they be

The Incurable Pain Amidst the Hills Rasani Shrestha, Asian University for Women

This short film has tried to capture the situation of women who are dealing with the problem of uterus prolapse in Jajarkot, one of the under developed districts of Nepal. This problem has revealed various cultural aspects of society such as early marriage which is hindering the health status as wel

Why? Jade Mocase, Lemon Bay High School

Starts with facts about the inequality of women, and I was able to get multiple peers of mine to question why these facts are true, followed by empowering facts of women.

It's Happening in Silicon Valley Ruby OIivo Mendoza, San Jose State University

When people think about the Silicon Valley they only think about the tech companies. What they don't realize is that we're dealing with human trafficking, gender discrimination, and various other issues also.

Africa Hero Wooching, Ke Kula O Ehunuikaimalino

I wrote this song when I was 12 after spending 2 months in Rwanda,Africa. This is my song with photos from my trip.I went with my mom. We brought 250 yards of fabric from Hawaii and made new clothes for entire orphanages . I plan to attend University for popular music , and plan to use my voice to

I Have Seen Chatelier Ebio, King's Academy

In Europe there are 5 million Roma people that are trapped in poverty. These forgotten people are sharply discriminated against. I have seen first hand where they live and what they must endure. While I was there, I created friendships with these girls, that last a life time. Just like me, these gir