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In Search Of The Missing Words Nasser Hasib Siddiqui, North South University

As we grow up, within the mechanical adult there is a child in everyone that keeps the deep human side alive. It is the most vulnerable side of us available to just a handful. The play doll in the girl’s hand is a metaphor for that child in us. We as adults do everything to protect that child, tur

Violet Sabrina J Cole, San Diego State University

When two young Brazilian girls are captured by a human trafficker, they find hope and strength in a fellow inmate — and a way out.

Humans Extincted Prem Kumar, MGU

This is a short fiction film made for GITW. It describes how Humans Extinct by killing girls and destroying Mother Earth. This film accounts the plight of women facing around the world and also portrays about pollution. Male and female are dominating girls. So I used the word ManKind in this film. F

Amber Arianna Castillo, St. Monica Catholic High School

“Amber” follows the story of a young girl who is a victim of human trafficking. She is first seen in a missing child ad where, later, her present situation is revealed. Left cold and battered by a demanding aggressor with responsibilities she did not willingly take on and a lack of schooling, we

Your Flowers Did Not Fade Christin Chae, Korea Kent Foreign School

"Your Flowers Did Not Fade" tackles the Comfort Women Issue that is still an ongoing problem. The victims share their deep, personal stories of their youth to inform the world about the horrors of sex trafficking. Efforts to fight for their rights continue over 10 years. This video holds purpose in

Prodromes Initiatives Syed Shidiq Alkaff, Nam Pei Yi, Choo Jian Xian, Maelyn Jean Lagman, Isa Franchesca, Julia Lachica, Mahasheta Malagi, Management Development Institute of Singapore

Students decided to form a group and conduct a virtual experiment to raise awareness on the issue of online predation.The 'Prodromes Initiatives' or P.I. comprises of young female students age between 18-28 years old. With the brief experiment, much was discovered and was highlighted in this short d

Power To The Women Menkemndi Randy, Government Technical High School Bamenda

As a means to edify the world on the importance of the rights of women and the girl child, Clarisse artistically known as Yala brings to you this powerful message in some few words in her 5 minutes video which explains the need to value and preserve the rights of the woman and girl child, and i be

Human Trafficking in America's Heartland Meghan DeSpain, James Madison Memorial High School

A Madison Police Detective helps free a young woman from human trafficking with the help of a local nonprofit, Project RESPECT, as thousands take to the streets in support of women's rights.

Human Trafficking Campaign#SeetheSigns Jessica Ponce, Clovis East

This video goal is to get people to realize the dangers of Human Trafficking. We want people to realize that it is that easy to get stuck in a dangerous situation. In our video the main story plot is how a group of friends are worried when they see no shows from there friend. They questioned it but

Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery Nancy Pickett, Winter Park High School

a documentary highlighting the issue of sex trafficking in the United States