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Violence Against Women and Children - Raising Awareness Rosemarie Soma, West Senior High School

In this video I address the issues of child marriage, sex trafficking, and general violence against women and girls. I tried to present information in a creative way that would keep the attention of the viewer, provide a few statistics but not an overwhelming amount, and make it personal by includin

Questions Cassidy Bailey, Clear Falls High School

Information about the underground market for sex trafficking, as well as what you can do to help take down the industry.

Emily's Story Anusha Yedla, Alfonso De Diego, University of Maryland College Park

A young, 13-year-old girl is sold to a sex trafficker by a family member. This video talk about her journey and the only solution the girl found available.

Women of Thailand Emilee Smith, Mountain Vista Highschool

Through the telling of her time spent with women in Thailand, the reality of many women in Thailand is looked at in a very personal way.

27 Million Marieke de Koker, Interlochen Arts Academy

A young girl's encounter with a stranger reminds her of the dangers that girls and women face regarding human trafficking and slavery.

What War Leaves in Women Suah Cho, Bugil High School

This is how war affects womens' lives permanently through sex slavery and sexual abuse. The film is based on true stories during World War II, under Japanese annexation in many countries including Korea, China, and Philippines.

Sold Nathan Matthew Legger, University of Tampa

As Cecille sits in an airport terminal reading Gone Girl, she comes in contact with a young Natasha. This girl is so excited to finally be flying out of the country. The question is: where will she be going?

Child For Sale Fiona Bock, The Hotchkiss School

“Child for Sale” is both real and raw, and presents the issue of child sex trafficking without shame or exploitation. It frames the issue of modern day slavery with respect for the people who have lived through it - ultimately showing that these children and young adults are not different from o

Who is responsible? Ana Oliveira-Beuses, Vishlesh Gondalia, John Sapp, University of Florida

We're all responsible for modern day slavery. We as college students might not notice this problem in our daily lives but it is happening everywhere and we need to do something about it. This video is meant to raise awareness about slavery and serve as a wake-up call for those who wish to do somethi

Red Light Trafficking (GITW 2016) Asia Robinson, Forestville Millitary Academy

The crime of sex trafficking is becoming an epidemic, and the rates will continue to rise unless we work together to STOP it! I have realized the problem and I've came up with some solutions. It is up to US to put an End to this ISSUE! Let my words in this short film I have created, be the first ste