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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Sex Trafficking Keshia Nash-Johnson, Santa Monica College

It is a collaboration of statistics, others research and solutions to the issue of sex trafficking.

Fight For Liberia Renee Best, Bernards High School

As the director of media for Sounds for Souls, an organization partnered with More Than Me, I decided to raise awareness about the Ebola epidemic affecting the girls at the More Than Me Academy by using my talent for video. More Than Me is an organization that removes young girls from the most notor

The Undiscovered Bondage Hannah Phipps, Mill Valley High School

Sex trafficking is a business that effects women AND men all around the world. Many people are unaware to the fact that traffickers linger everywhere, and may come in contact with them in their every day life. It's time people all around the world start fighting to stop sex trafficking.

I see, I remember Sarah Gale, Pine Crest School

Following the thoughts of a teen victim of sex trafficking, we hear the harsh reality of the deceptive pimps and the multibillion dollar enterprise that exploits and enslaves children in the United States against their will.

Bound to Trafficking Carly Hughes, Marist School

Approximately 3 million young girls worldwide averaging ages 12-14 are sold, lured, or kidnapped and bound in the chains of sex trafficking. This video follows girls throughout their normal day and raises awareness of the thin connection that every girl has to the sex trade. The bindings a girl has

Vacuum Beneath Their Wings Ananya Singh, Delhi Public School , Sushant Lok

This is a documentary that takes us to the slums of India and discusses the the problems that millions of women around the world face every day. It shows us the importance of education and basic rights. It also features the story of a woman who has had to go through the brutality of domestic violen

Silent Hall Marissa Vang, Edison High School

A girl, Ms.Vang, sits down with a pill bottle in her hand.As she gets up, she walks though a hallway of unwanted memories. As she refuses to walk down memory lane, she runs. She runs for what feels like forever until she runs into this door. This door is locked she attempts to open. It is not till s

Stop Modern Slavery Feliza Bustos, Texas A&M University

My video is promoting the awareness of human trafficking and an overview of organizations that provide resources for the victims.

HERspective Jessica Shalvey, Abigail Mumma, Patriot High School

For this film, we interviewed around twenty-five high school students, our peers, on what they believe to be the biggest issues that women face in both America and the world today. We wanted to see the mindsets of those in the next generation of leaders, and learn about how we can work towards a bet

End of the Road Desiraye Williams, La Vergne High School

Thousands of teenage girls are sold each year, Ivy is about to find out just how quickly it can happen. Ivy is a teenage girl, but her life will change forever when her car breaks down and she is offered help by a mysterious man.