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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Unforgivable Distance H. Lupa, B. Fitzgerald, Governor French Academy

We gave a sexually frustrated privileged young adult male in the first world an internet connection and the address of a mail-order bride website. Watch what happens. This film explores the emotional disconnect between those in places of privilege and wealth and the deeper impact that his actions as

Every Life Matters Jessi Molitor, Rampart High School

Sex trafficking is a large problem all across the world. This video highlights some main points of sex trafficking and also how we can come together to fight the issue.

Listen Anna Woldstad, Liberty High School

Three different stories of women all over the world each with hardships including; violence, poverty, and sex trafficking.

Anna's Birthday Courtney Williams, Armstrong State University

A young girl is taken from her birthday party without the knowledge of her friends or family and is entered into the world of sex trafficking.

Imagine Maraya Henderson , Manchester High School

Provides information on sex trafficking.

"I Am Not for Sale" Emilyann Marsh, Corinth Holders High School

This short film promotes awareness towards the industry of human trafficking.

RIP Jane Doe Luke Travis, Keira Edgett, Grace Waring, North Gwinnett High School

Many people assume sex trafficking happens in third world countries, safely away from their homes. In RIP Jane Doe we are trying to highlight the fact that this could happen to any girl anywhere. No matter how safe you may think your community is, girls everywhere, including the one in our film are

Not for sale Rebecca Caroline Silva do Nascimento, UDF

A short video that aims the awareness of women challenges finding their identity when their femininity is use as trade by any unfortunate means. By the use of data and acting, the video puts into perspective how the world still underestimates women worth, using their fragility,sexuality or her misfo

Save Her Gabriella Alise White, SAC

This film is on the awareness of sex trafficking and child sex trafficking. This will give you a real life situation on how sex trafficking is nowadays. Everyone involved in the industry is a victim. Weather you were forced are not, you are a victim. Reach out and get help, or help another get help!

Sex Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery in Thailand Min Thae Thu San,Hsu Yati Min,Shane Myat Maung,Peter, Minmahaw School

One of the most common issues with refugees in any country is that majority of them are involved in sex trafficking for the sake of survival, the scenario is no different for Burmese migrant women in Thailand. Leaving behind their families and kids in Myanmar, these women were deceived being told th