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Is This All That I'm Worth? Kendall Milton , Loyola Marymount University

Rose flees an abusive home only to be coaxed in by an alluring and cold woman who roofies her and takes her to a menacing pimp who beats Rose into submission. Rose finds herself living a life of never ending horror working as a modern day slave in the sex trafficking business,

Heros Lily Jones, Omaha North High School

Orphans in Africa find ways to make communities and to care for one another.

Today's Women Nicholas Narsing, Katherine Anne Bakrania, Warner Robins High School

Facts about challenges that today's women face, such as the gender gap in education and politics, sex trafficking, domestic violence, and female genital mutilation.

Red Trafficking Amber van Schaaijk, Southeastern University

Amsterdam is know for the red light district. Sadly most of the girl's behind the windows are victims of sex trafficking. In this documentary the issue of sex trafficking in the red light district is discussed and how this problem can be solved.

Objectification to Exploitation Jasmine Abraham, Ernesto Hernandez , Yukon High School

Our media today has become hypersexualized, telling women that they are only objects meant for beauty, and even if we can't reach that (airbrushed) beauty, we should still try...and when we can't reach this beauty, it leaves us vulnerable and easy to exploit. This film is meant to portray the tie

Women's issues final Kaitlyn Speakman, Fairfield Christian Academy

I went around my school and asked various people about issues they think modern women face in this world. The answers I received brought me to the conclusion that we need to change how the world views women as a whole in order to change these issues.

Education is Key Krista Strom, R. L. Turner High School

Everyone interviewed in this film (and chances are, most everyone watching it) is lucky enough to have been born in a place where most of the time, sexism is simply something that is annoying and gets in the way, but is not a matter of life or death. Unfortunately, in many countries this is not the

A Chance For Life Sabrina Ahmadzai, Philadephia Academy Charter High School

"A Chance For Life" is a short documentary focused on the main problems faced by females in society today, especially towards the females in countries where they have no rights as well as preventing them to receive an education. I want to bring awareness towards this imbalance, the status of women i

Human Trafficking: Menomonie Breanna Buxrude, Menomonie Senior High

Many people believe human trafficking is only frequent in large cities, some don't even have a clear understanding of human trafficking. Human trafficking can even occur in the smallest of towns such as Menomonie, WI, where this film's main focus is towards. The film focuses on what human traffickin

The Spring Storm Polen Ly, Health Science University

From the poor condition basement, she has opened her scar to tell a storm during her spring made by her own relatives-her father.