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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

A Chance Sarah Gale, Pine Crest School

Maria, a 19-year-old girl living in the slums of Cartagena, Colombia, bares her heart and soul for us as she shares her past of abuse, addiction, assault, and her story of survival and triumph. If this harsh reality is changed, girls like Maria can reach their full potential and change their future

Lisa's Story James Jackson III, Grand Valley State University

A story is about a young girl named Lisa pushed into sex Trafficking

27 Million Tatianna Nguyen, Wharton County Junior College

The story of a girl who runs away in hope of becoming a model, but is conned and sold as a sex slave. Bringing awareness to sex trafficking.

Modern Slavery Priya Basu, Amelia Bell, Zulma Dunn, Westover School

The are three major types of slavery today. Children and adults are being forced into slave all over the world. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to being forced into sex slavery. This video addresses the plight of those who are enslaved today.

Modern Day Male Chauvinism Elizabeth Tugangui, Livermore Vally Charter Prepatory

This film is to inform about the horrors women face around the world. Through interviews with women who's interests include humanitarianism and who are passionate about equality for women, I show some of the injustices that are actually happening what people can do to help.

The Forgotten Rogelio Martinez, Saint Joseph Academy

When we think of important world issues we tend to forget human trafficking is one of them because it seems surreal. We can't imagine that this can happen in our society. We have to learn that all the sex slaves are humans and that we must do something to change the perspective of people and make th

It's Happening in Silicon Valley Ruby OIivo Mendoza, San Jose State University

When people think about the Silicon Valley they only think about the tech companies. What they don't realize is that we're dealing with human trafficking, gender discrimination, and various other issues also.

Justice Shouts Frankie Alderson, Rachael Hower, Katie Withrow, Robert Morris University

This music video was created to accompany Jasmine Tate's song Justice Shouts, an anthem of hope for young girls forced into prostitution through human sex trafficking. It tells the story of an unnamed young girl taken without warning and the emotional turmoil she faces while kept locked away and hav

Girls Impact the World Video --"As Stilettos Walks By" Mary Michelle Pearce, Palmetto Christian Academy

The poem narrated video walks you through the life of the prostitute in order to shed light on her plight. It reveals her broken background and the men that abused her and made her feel inferior. Then it brings you to her everyday job as you are looking on. The purpose of the poem is to convict all

Three Survivors Bethany Ann Burnham, Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts

Sexual slavery is the darkest industry a woman can encounter in our world today. This is the story of 3 girls who never expected anything like this to ever happen, but it did. There are 27,000,000 slaves in the world today, but that's just a number. Slavery must end. This video is for Maria, a f