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Unlearn the Bias Catherine White, Wiregrass Ranch High School

With rising statistics and locker room banter, it is important to face the music with rape culture. Men must stand up against sexual assault and violence against women. In this short documentary we interview a college basketball coach and hear the words of Emma Watson on the role men play in athleti

Lebron James's Stand for Women's Rights and Violence Against Women Kirsten Brunswick, Anna High School

This film details the way that professional athlete Lebron James has stood up for the rights of women and spoken out against women's violence during his professional basketball career.

Changing Hip - Hop Through Truth Courtney-Lauren Faiella, Florida State University

PharohD is an MC residing in Tallahassee whos speaks truth through his lyrics. He raps about what is plaguing him and allows others to see things from a new perspective from their own. He encourages women to be themselves and not listen to misogynistic remarks for women are the creators of the world

Connecther - Women and Men Kevin Keelan, St. Andrew's Episcopal School

We decided to interview some of the women in our school to get a positive view of the women's movement. This was helpful since our film class consists of only males and we wanted to learn about the women's movement as well as add our support to the cause.

4 Days Ago Priscilla Reyna, Boise State University

A true narrative of an American woman’s average Saturday night turned sexually assaulted in a safe space with a witness in the era of #MeToo and #TimesUp! Detailing the process of a predators abuse of power. Silence. And force of a movements ability to inspire us to TELL the truth. To share awaren

Zarina's Recipe of Dream Life Lami Sha, Karakurm International University

Zarina is from Hundur Yaseen, a small village of Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. Zarina was born when there wasn't yet the trend of education, especially girls' education. And most of the people were very poor and backward. She gets married in only 15 years. She decides to educate all her children in ver

Sports: Not a Slam Dunk Nicole Statler, Millennium High School

The wage gape between Male and Female counterparts skyrockets as the playing field is taken to the elite level. Professional athletes has taken tremendous steps back when it comes to gender equality. This video is here to bring light to just how small female athletes are in the male world of sports.

Together We Can Michelle Simon, The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

There is a need of educating our young boys and girls regarding the issue of violence against women. It is important to understand that this is not a women's issue alone. It is, in fact, the issue of the society as a whole and the only way to fight it is to fight it together. I strongly believe that

Violation Sarah Kutchinski, Grandville High School

Women have suffered for many years as the victims of rape and sexual harassment. For too long, their stories have not been believed and this issue has not been addressed, but the movement to end this has come. Many women have found the courage to speak up and let their voices be heard, and together

Joel Smallbone & the Priceless Movement Brayden Meadors, West Stanly High School

As a member of the Christian rock band "For King and Country" Joel Smallbone is sharing a message special to his heart about the true beauty of women from each concert stage. The "Priceless Movement" expanded in 2016 to include women trafficking as he helped bring awareness to that cause in the mot