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*Some Films May Contain Strong Themes

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Girls Impact the World Film Festival 2018: 3 things that still todayis afecting our society Naieroby Mervil, Freedom High School

This video talks about the 3 problems that still is affecting our society. In fact, we propose solutions for those problems.

Unlearn the Bias Catherine White, Wiregrass Ranch High School

With rising statistics and locker room banter, it is important to face the music with rape culture. Men must stand up against sexual assault and violence against women. In this short documentary we interview a college basketball coach and hear the words of Emma Watson on the role men play in athleti

Lebron James's Stand for Women's Rights and Violence Against Women Kirsten Brunswick, Anna High School

This film details the way that professional athlete Lebron James has stood up for the rights of women and spoken out against women's violence during his professional basketball career.

Changing Hip - Hop Through Truth Courtney-Lauren Faiella, Florida State University

PharohD is an MC residing in Tallahassee whos speaks truth through his lyrics. He raps about what is plaguing him and allows others to see things from a new perspective from their own. He encourages women to be themselves and not listen to misogynistic remarks for women are the creators of the world

Indefinite Melissa Gurusinghe, King's College London

Hundreds of asylum seekers, survivors of FGM, Human trafficking, rape and war are unlawfully detained indefinitely in a prison-like compounds, where neglect and mismanagement are commonplace. A place like this couldn't exist here ? These are the untold stories of the indefinitely detained asylum see

Don't Wait Carmen Padron, Yankton High School

My musical film, embodies a song of hope that I made for the future, a song that explores the idea that we as humans are all the same, and the people I share in the video are huge inspirations, that deserve to be followed, they exemplify the hope that many of us are looking for today, the song is si

Unknown Alexandria Principe, Trinity Hall

In this short film, a girl is in an abusive relationship. She does not see the problem and makes no move to free herself from this abuse.

The women across tradition HANNAH KEZIA JOSE, Asian University for Women

Mosammat Jasmine currently is in her 50’s is still active in road, fighting with men and society and independently finding her way for her living. She is coming from a small area in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Few years after her marriage her husband abandoned her. It was a very big responsibility for

Truth Talissa Wright, Savannah College of Art and Design

Ali, a high school freshman, is playing a game of Truth or Dare with her two friends, Beth and Crystal, who share about their sexuality and past relationships. Beth and Crystal talk about how they are occasionally pressured into giving more than they would like to. Feeling uncomfortable, Ali goes

We Are Beautiful Irl Paulalengan, Rangeview High School

This film is a documentary of what people see themselves, and it shows the between of people when they are being asked on social media or on the spot. Coming from the oppression group of community made me think what do these people thought about themselves and how they see beauty.