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Lily Jada Reid, Savannah College of Art and Design

Lily struggles to validate her abusive relationship with her unemployed boyfriend to her life-long best friend over dinner.

Zainab Shaqayeq Bahar , Herat Afghan Turk girls high school

This movie is about the life of addicted women and violance against women. In this movie i will show how they suffer from this situation.

it's not your fault Iana Karolina da Silva Reis, Instituto Federal de Edução, Ciência e Tecnologia da Bahia (IFBA)

This short film shows the reality of so many women around the world, but in a different way that it used to be shown. The sadness, pain, guilt, affliction, shame and all the bad feelings of a woman injured by her husband. But not just that. It is a fight between her consciousness and the fear of doi

Tackling Domestic Abuse Emma Rhyne, Bullard High School

When I was a freshman in high school, I heard the label "football player" and made negative assumptions about athletes. These were based on stereotypes that are, sadly, justified by the fact that many high school and college football players are sexist and demeaning. However, as I grew older, I real

A Film for Gugu Aida Namukose, African Leadership Academy

This is Gugu's story. Her journey and her struggles migrating from Zimbabwe to South Africa and being a refugee in a highly xenophobic country. This is also a story of how education has saved her, and how she believes it can save many more.

Dilemma Diana Senator Lyoto, Catholic university of health and allied sciences( CUHAS)

Alice is a beautiful 14 years girl living in Kawetere village with her mother, Nuru. They both live in extreme poverty and poor Alice never gets access to education as a child. She is going to work as a housemaid in town. She is mistreated, abused and overworked by her boss, Matrida the wife of Vict

Hope for life Shaqayeq (Bahar), Herat Afghan Turk girls high school

The synopsis of this film is about a women who’s husband died and she had to travel and become an internal displaced because of hunger and war in Afghanistan. she is now working and trying to protect her 9 member family.

The Art of Mine Own Body Amanda Barner, University of Missouri

A poetic recreation and commentary on three female artists, whose works focus on violence against women throughout history.

Home Jenna Soong , Marymount High School

Based on a true story, a teen mother is kicked out of her house and faced with a difficult decision. Written, directed, filmed, and edited by Jenna Soong.

Maria. Camiel van den Brink, Jaegeun Park , Savannah College of Art and Design

Maria, an immigrant from Mexico, is violated by her American boyfriend Rob, while haunted by the thought of deportation and being separated from her daughter, Rosa.