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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Time Trickling Away Sarah Ferenz, Mathuchena Karthikeyan, Kellie Lemoine, Biotechnology High School

This film is about women in third world countries who are required to spend hours collecting drinking water for their families. Their days mostly consist of this activity, which is obsolete in first world countries. We, as a group, wondered how such an important part of life and an abundant resource

She is the Flower Miriam Gonzalez, Marsha Gonzalez, G-Star school of the arts

This film is a representation of Women in the world, through a flower. The film is said in a narrative monologue of the struggles that flowers, which symbolize women and what they go through in life, and brings awareness to two global issues (Climate Change and Water) on the environment that impact

The Ripple Effect Sarah Jahaan Khan, Headstart School

'The Ripple Effect' shows how access to safe water has transformed the lives of rural women in Pakistan. When seasonal patterns began to change and rainfall became scarce, these women adopted methods of conserving rainwater. Not only do girls like Deeba no longer have to make the back breaking 8 kil

A Threat to Mother Nature Emma Phelps, Minster School

This films examines the impact that climate change will have on women.

Water Run Michelle Stage, Burnsville High School

I wanted to put into perspective what young girls have to go through everyday all over the world for a simple drink of water.

Girls and the Environment Nicole Luhrs, Chaparral High School

Hand-drawn writing and pictures informing the public about the environment and how it impacts girls today, with a video of children dancing at the end.

Harvesting Hope Sarah Jahaan Khan, Headstart School

The World Health Organization (1992) reported that roughly 3 million pesticide poisonings occurred annually, and women suffered disproportionately. In many countries cotton picking is done exclusively by women, and my film highlights the health implications of chemical pesticides on them, and its un

Invisible Impacts Anett Kiss, Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School

A short documentary about the lives and health prospects of Central and Eastern-European women. Aiming to emphasize the damaging effects of hormones found in tap water and the severe impacts of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on birth results, human fertitlity and genetical deviations. Both issues ge

More Than Here Gabriella Cisneros, Mishicot High School

A short animation that illustrates how females are ostracized in societies throughout the world. It suggests what women could do if they were given the chance. It ends with websites that allow the viewer to help the oppressed gender rise in the world with one simple gift: education.

Girls Impact the World Rivly Breus, Florida Atlantic University

The is a brief video and my entry for the Girls Impact the World Film Festival Contest. It deals with the issue of girls and women, their struggles to get out of the cycle of poverty and seek education, as well as the opposition they face. I thank Water for People and Half the Sky for inspiring