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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Utopia Arnab Mondal,Amrita Saha,Shubham Ghosh,Rudradev Bhattacharya,Pariplab Chakroborty,Tanmoy Ganguly,Debalin Roy, Koushik Maity, Aishariya Ghosh,Rohit Mookherjee, Ghatal Vidyasagar High School

A teenage boy while going on the road sees some traditional incidents(like child marriage, water wastage) that are pervading our Society. One night he saw beautiful Dream of an ideal world. He realizes that together we can stop these type of evils. All we need a little effort from all.

Africa Hero Wooching, Ke Kula O Ehunuikaimalino

I wrote this song when I was 12 after spending 2 months in Rwanda,Africa. This is my song with photos from my trip.I went with my mom. We brought 250 yards of fabric from Hawaii and made new clothes for entire orphanages . I plan to attend University for popular music , and plan to use my voice to