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Voting for GITW 2018 ends on March 1, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST. Please VOTE for your favorite films by "liking" and "tweeting" their films from the GITW film gallery. Our $2500 cash prize people's choice award will be presented to one winner based on the total number of fb likes + tweets - (The People's Choice Winner will be chosen by judges from the Top Ten films that receive the highest number of votes). To see all prizes go to the learn page and click the prizes tab.

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*Some Films May Contain Strong Adult Themes

I LOST HAND IN WAR Mr Houmphanh PHAHONGCHANH, Teacher Trainning college

A 70 year old woman became a soldier in the Indochina War in 1962, when she was only 15 years old. She did this to protect her family and her country. Her life in the war was difficult and made her confused. Sometimes she would cry to herself. She did not want to talk about her backstory because the

Behind the Smile Carmella Matthews, Cedar Hill High School

A young girl expresses her thoughts and emotions she feels while going through depression that nobody sees. She explains how she is viewed by other people in comparison to what is really going on in her life. She reaches her breaking point and reacts to it in a way that no one will ever understand.

Begin Again Blake Berkabile, Somerset Academy Skypointe

The refugee crisis is at an all time high, and women everywhere are being mistreated. This documentary film follows two women who escaped their circumstances to "Begin Again" in the United States to provide better lives for themselves.

Humans Extincted Prem Kumar, MGU

This is a short fiction film made for GITW. It describes how Humans Extinct by killing girls and destroying Mother Earth. This film accounts the plight of women facing around the world and also portrays about pollution. Male and female are dominating girls. So I used the word ManKind in this film. F

Women In Today's Society - GIRLS IMPACT THE WORLD FILM FESTIVAL CALL FOR ENTRIES Kyle Vance, Brittney Miller, Pocono Mountain East High School

Many women is society today complain about how social media will portray a women that is "perfect" making these younger girls try their best to mimic these looks. Men treat girls based on thier looks and sometime these girls don't know what to do. this video tels some of these issues and what other

He or She? Myrzakhan Zhumakhan, Nazarbayev University

In the short film, we have decribed some of aspects of gender inequality in the modern world. The film was filmed from the first-person to show that women are discriminated by men. In addition, we wanted to show important scenes of gender inequality and give a reasonable solution.

Your Flowers Did Not Fade Christin Chae, Korea Kent Foreign School

"Your Flowers Did Not Fade" tackles the Comfort Women Issue that is still an ongoing problem. The victims share their deep, personal stories of their youth to inform the world about the horrors of sex trafficking. Efforts to fight for their rights continue over 10 years. This video holds purpose in

Slavery in the City David Augustine, Progress High School

Slavery in the City is an autobiographical account of Grace's(Not real name) experience in her relatives house. It depicts the humiliation she endured in order to gain an education.In this unfortunate case, she endured it all for nought.

The R Word Sydney Primero-Solano, La Serna High School

"The R Word" is a short film expressing concern with "rape" as a taboo subject. Women need to know that rape needs to be discussed and must be discussed without shame.

An Open Letter to Women Rachel Williams, Prosper High School

My video is promoting and encouraging the acceptance and tolerance of women in general, as they often go or feel unappreciated or are disadvantaged when it comes to many aspects of life, such as the wage gap, rape culture, etc. I want to represent what women CAN do despite these obstacles, and how t