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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

We Are Beautiful Irl Paulalengan, Rangeview High School

This film is a documentary of what people see themselves, and it shows the between of people when they are being asked on social media or on the spot. Coming from the oppression group of community made me think what do these people thought about themselves and how they see beauty.

Carry Your Dream With You | Seba: Out of the Refugee Camp to Create a Smart Life-jacket Shereen Nidal Nanish, JMI

Saba Al-Obaid, a Syrian girl who lives in Al-Azraq refugee camp in Jordan created a smart life jacket. Her determination and passion enabled her to won a place at a scientific event "marathon" under the name of Astrolab in Jordan. This scientific initiative helped in shedding the light on her talent

Answer Me This Sarah Jarrell, NC School of Science and Math

The world today is getting smarter, trying to correct past mistakes. Answer Me This portrays the fact that this generation of girls empower themselves, regardless of what society thinks. However, media has taken its toll on self-image and women are still negatively affected. This project is one of r

Give a Voice to the Voiceless Taylor Robinson, Vanguard High School

This documentary was filmed at Vanguard High school, with the basis of the Give a Voice to the Voiceless movement that the students started. The interviewees are all International Baccalaureate students that attended this high school and who are passionate about this issue. Mrs. Stephanie DeVilling

There Is Hope Savannah Osborn, Lawton Chiles High School

There is Hope is a film of art. Showing the pain and grief of women's suffrage around the world. Where they fall into the darkness. Yet a single dove, with its olive branch, gives them hope. Not only hope for a better life, a better hope for the future. To end women's suffrage.

Gaze Sydney Holt, Catherine Vo, Saint Agnes Academy

All Jasmine's mother wants is for her daughter to be free of the oppression, sexism, and fear she has dealt with. As Jasmine grows up, she is challenged by events that leave her hurt and conflicted. She questions the power the male gaze has over her, battles with sexism, and deals with sexual harass

Our Journey Brianna Becerra-Yanez , Palo Verde Magnet High School

Hear the stories of two refugee teen age girls. In this documentary/short film get to know two brave Middle Eastern girls Farhana Mohammad, and Rahaf Kataf and how their refugee experiences changed their lives forever.

I Am A Woman Lauren Bautista, Savannah College of Art and Design

A young woman goes through her day, facing the societal expectations placed on her, only to reveal that they are the very thing that strengthens her.

Mendalilkan Kasih (Postulating Love) Fauzan Cakra Dermawan, Hasanuddin University

Mendalilkan Kasih (Postulating Love) tells the story of an ordinary married couple who live their lives just like the others. Happiness and sadness are certainly the part of episodes in their relationships. Like the prevalence in society, Nisa who served her role as a housewife serves all the needs

Bring Awareness to Human Trafficking Gabriella Shafique, Deer Valley High School

This film was created to bring awareness for those in human trafficking. It brings encouragement for many viewers to take action and join an organization to oppose trafficking. After viewing the film, I hope that people will raise awareness, spread the word, and take action.