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A THOUSAND YEAR GIFT Mr Houmphanh PHAHONGCHANH, Teacher Trainning colleage

Sounisa, age 18, likes playing sports and the beauty of nature. Sounisa, by chance, meets a guy named Sely who litters and thinks this is normal, as everyone does. But Sounisa wishes to live in a clean world, where people value the environment and nature. She doesn’t want to live in a rubbish dump

MDIS 1 Different but Same (A) Siti Nur Hidayah Binte Samsuddin,Tran Que Nghi,Pyae Phyo Pying, Management Development Institute of Singapore

A short animated documentary that highlights the two different but similar struggles of women in first world and third countries. It hopes to raise more awareness and provide better understanding on the reality of the issues raised.

An Open Letter to Women Rachel Williams, Prosper High School

My video is promoting and encouraging the acceptance and tolerance of women in general, as they often go or feel unappreciated or are disadvantaged when it comes to multiple aspects of life, such as the wage gap, rape culture, etc. I want to represent what women CAN do despite these obstacles, and h

The Girl Who Could Albert Pavlinac, Milbank High School

When a girl gets overlooked when the captains pick for their teams because of her gender, She gets the motivation to prove to her peers that girls can be great leaders and that they can't be underestimated in anything. She fights and runs her way in order to prove that girls do make an impact.

Your Definition Willow Palmer, Palisades High School

Every woman, no matter what shape, size, or color, is beautiful and unique in her own way. Women are surrounded by so much and will be told so many things that bring them down. Women need to overcome all of it and conquer the world in all of their beauty.

Beauty In A Society of Perfectionist Austin R. Hall, Virginia Tech

In this film we dive into societies set terms on how women must transition through life. With four distinct seasons, we can see how women must persevere through life with constant social norms set against them. In the story the question is asked, are women subject to go through life in a set order,

Bruises Brianna Pulley, Ravenna High School

Jessica, a young girl, faces domestic abuse from a guy she likes at school. This film was created to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

Women's Voices of The New Generation // By Justina Diaz Justina Diaz, Intrinsic Schools

Women are found as leaders throughout history and are looked up to. As young women grow up, they would once in their life looked down upon by someone in their life telling them that they couldn't do something or they would never be someone they dream to be. I believe that anyone can be anything and

It's Time... Sharon Li, Vinh Dang, Stockton University, University of Pittsburgh

It's time to end violence against women.

Cocoon mahmoud mohamed abdelsalam, Cairo Uni.

A girl loves drawing inside the books, authorities arrested and torture her, then she decided to enter into a fight with this authorities, the film speaks about how violence makes violence.