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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Mrs Misunderstood Mallory Harris, North Hennepin Community College

Queens, you’re beautiful. It pains me to have gained a larger understanding of the subconscious depicting of beauty, but to whom much is given, much is required. The desire to compare yourself with being ridiculously thin, young and beautiful; it makes real women and girls compare themselves ev

What Being Amanda Camos, Cardinal Gibbons High School

Young girls and women go through so much every day to achieve the perfect look. But what they don't know is how many chemicals and carcinogens are being absorbed into their precious skin. Millions of mice, rabbits, cats, dogs, and other animals are stuck inside cages in laboratories that are used fo

Children of the Universe Rachel Torres, Northern Essex Community College

Voice over Multiple individuals performing daily tasks. Women and transgender rights

Creating Change for Women Kiera Quinn, Darien High School

This is a video to portray the needs we still face on an international stage with development of women rights in third world countries, the progress that can and will be made, and the changes we have enacted so far.

Fight For New Life: Females Behind Bars Jacqulyne Santullo, Plymouth State University

Victimization is an issue for women in the Criminal Justice System and young girls in the juvenile justice system. Almost 90% of these females have traumatic pasts. They come from backgrounds of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse; violence, and so much more. But the unfortunate reality is that th

Days and Nights in War Shorif Sonia, Asian University for Women

This short film is just a glimpse of what the women from the war affected countries have been experiencing. Every war victim has a story, but they have become mute, they are traumatized.

Falling Off The Edge Shannon Liu, Barry Goldwater High School

The film addresses the psychological troubles accompanying the effects of domestic violence. Though physical damage harms the individual, injury to the conscious will affect the mind forever.

challenges that women face and ways we can help Alice, Marie, Adams , Thomas Jefferson High School

I went around asking a few friends and family what they thought we some challenges that women face today and to pose some solutions to them or ways we can help.

Strong Through Every Mile Molly Ormsbee, Niskayuna High School

This film follows STEM (Strong Through Every Mile), a nonprofit organization created to train women that were once victims of domestic abuse to run a 5K, gain confidence, and build relationships with other women who have been through similar situations.

Active Beauty Miriam Gonzalez, Marsha Gonzalez, Florida Atlantic University

This films brings awareness to criticism against women in sports, fitness and active lifestyles. The hardships that women face when they don't believe in their honest beauty. Narrated in the voice of a young man attacking a women in her challenges in doing what she likes that don't coincide with the