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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

We'll Rise Alexandria Taylor, Melrose High school

I asked several women to briefly share their opinions on either, women as leaders, "women's roles", or embedding the history of feminism/womanism into our schools curriculum. I wanted my theme to be really relaxed and laid back to make it more realistic.

Just a girl... R' Myni Watson , Jackson State University

This is a narrative about two women who lost their lives due to domestic violence and suicide. Women are victimized by the views of society, others opinions and actions, and even themselves. This video is meant to educate viewers about issues that women and girls face in their lives.

LORENZA Enriqueta Noriega, Miami Dade College

Lorenza a Young girl, wants to be like her super hero Xena, but her mom won't appreciate her little girl dressing like a warrior.

Fake Reality Cristina Saiz , New Horizons School

Many girls in the world are raised with the idea that they should dress, behave and participate only in activities where they are socially accepted. Certain sports that these young females are interested are not well seen by society but since the majority of those people do not have a reasonable exp

Flor Alondra Garcia, Curie Metro. High School

A high school girl is verbally bullied by her peers at school. Her emotions are connected to a rose (flower [flor in spanish] that is very important to her.

No Room Patricia Ritter, Moody Bible Institute

Lisa is a few months into her recovery when Bulimia comes for one last fight.

Violence Kashawna Mathis, Santa Fe University of Art and Design

This video depicts the life of a victim of Domestic violence. My video demonstrates relationship strains. Media is an important asset to getting the public more involved in private issues. I want o use my talent o help women to feel less oppressed and feel equal.

She is the Flower Miriam Gonzalez, Marsha Gonzalez, G-Star school of the arts

This film is a representation of Women in the world, through a flower. The film is said in a narrative monologue of the struggles that flowers, which symbolize women and what they go through in life, and brings awareness to two global issues (Climate Change and Water) on the environment that impact

Breasts: Nature's Life Support kalyn kane, Southwestern university

We are surrounded by chemicals that do serious damage to us. This film is focused on the effects it can have on women and their children. It is meant to spread awareness.

I just want to be happy. Brenda Sanchez, Uplift Williams Preparatory

The unrealistic beauty standards that our society holds today affects every single girl. It does not matter whether she is rich or poor, those beauty standards and prejudices are out to haunt her in nearly every stage of her life starting from as early as 7 years old. Young girls need to know that o