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GI/TW Archive Film Gallery

Uniting the Right Thing Nikki Newell, Point Loma Nazarene University

Young women can put too much emphasis on boys and invest all their time into the wrong thing at the time that everything else falls behind. This short film music video shows the example of how that can happen and expresses the positive influence other young women can have on each other and that doin

A Survivor's Story Payton Dearborn, Castle View High School

See the world through the eyes of a survivor of rape. Life becomes a challenge, emotions run ramped and the "what if's" are unavoidable. Of the 17,000 pregnancies that result from rape each year, every women has a story. Although tragic, "A Survivor's Story" is a fighter's narrative in the form of

Historias Indígenas Liliana Caracoza, Tacoma Community College

Historias Indígenas is a short documentary on indigenous women’s rights in Veracruz, Mexico. Isidora’s Petronilo Molina eyes fill with tears as she talks about the injustices committed against her husband. “Everything because we are indigenous, they took advantage of them,” Isidora said.

I can, even if I am a woman! Kubra Jafari, American University Of Afghanistan

This is a documentary about an Afghan woman who has a business in sport. She has established a center for women to come and exercise there. Through training in fitness, gymnastic, and Zomba she can earn profit to reach to financial independence. Though, Afghanistan is a male dominated country but sh

Silent Hall Marissa Vang, Edison High School

A girl, Ms.Vang, sits down with a pill bottle in her hand.As she gets up, she walks though a hallway of unwanted memories. As she refuses to walk down memory lane, she runs. She runs for what feels like forever until she runs into this door. This door is locked she attempts to open. It is not till s

ISIS Crisis Amanda Neuhouser, Southern Illinois University

This piece, inspired by true events, tells the story of a mother and daughter that are effected by the threat of ISIS in Syria. As the battle to stay together in this tough time, the fate of one life comes down to the ultimate decision.

Every 107 Seconds Mori Fukui, Central Magnet School

"Every 107 seconds, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted." ~RAINN After these 107 seconds of watching, we'll know that it is up to us to end just that.

Every 2 Minutes Mori Fukui, Central Magnet School

"Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted." ~RAINN After these 2 minutes of watching, we'll know that it is up to us to end just that.

Truth be Told Whitney Ndata, The University of Tampa

This is the story of a young African, Cameroonian girl who was sent to live with her aunt in the United States. However this dream come true soon turns into a nightmare when her aunt starts mistreating her to the point of not feeding her properly, and her step uncle see's this negligence as an oppor

BLIND Lu Chen, China Academy of Art

Blind is a short experimental animation centered on growth, emotion and confusion. The animation, against the backdrop of patriarchy, provides insights into the subtle emotional changes between the girl and her father and reflects the common craving of females for freedom, equality and care in their