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Women in STEM and their stories Aubury Jordan Erickson, Florida Polytechnic University

This video captures the hardships and battles four brave women have fought and continue to fight in order to be women in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics).

Education and Empowerment: The Solution to Nicole LoRusso, Trinity Hall

In a world that constantly emphasizes and honors Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers, the gap between the percentage of men and women in this field is profound. By establishing and founding more STEM-based, all-girls' schools, more young women will have the opportunity to gain

Volunteer woman in leadership Louyov, Cambodia University

Volunteer woman in leadership is a short film that shows about Sophea who is kind, friendly, and a role model in her community. It is a film that our volunteer team does our best for writing, shooting and editing. I’m feeling so grateful that we’ve got young Cambodian support us to produce this

The Girl Who Dreamt of a STEM Career and Perfect Teeth Gabrielle Filkins, Sequoyah High School

This production is to create awareness for girls who are underrepresented in STEM related careers. This video also provides many solutions on how to ignite girl's interest and encouraging them to stay in the career pathway.

Girls in STEM Irma Natalia Gómez Zazueta, ITESM Campus Sinaloa

This short documentary shows the experience and point of view of the student Natalia Gómez in a STEM project and how it affects others including other female team members opinions. Focusing in robotics specifically in the team Tech-Sets FTC, where as a mixed team, experienced the truth behind the s

Power To The Women Menkemndi Randy, Government Technical High School Bamenda

As a means to edify the world on the importance of the rights of women and the girl child, Clarisse artistically known as Yala brings to you this powerful message in some few words in her 5 minutes video which explains the need to value and preserve the rights of the woman and girl child, and i be

The World I Want to Live In #StemsFromHer Abbie Collette, Sylvie Pryor Rosenstein, Mae Pryor Rosenstein, Abram Collette, Baxter Academy for Technology and Science

This film shares the experiences of three young women who are passionate about STEM. Seeking reassurance, these young women looked to female role models for help regaining their confidence. They were given an opportunity to express their ideas, ask questions, and engage in work that they were excite

Women Vs. STEM Sok Sahas, Kim Chandina, Om Virya, Doeun Sokunsereyrath, Bou Socheata, Ky Tith Marinet, Sonthurmuk High school

This film is talking about the Women in STEM. We have picked up three things which are the current problem, solutions and how important the women in STEM is. Firstly, there are 3 main reasons that make girls less in STEM field. Old stereotype of the people in their society makes their parents try

Writing My Own Script Emma Kee, Ponte Vedra High School

"Writing My Own Script" is a video documentary about how Emma Kee's childhood hospitalization impacted her to begin a path of learning that will lead her to success in the medical field. Told in the first person, Emma shares her inspiration to make a difference in the field of medical science, ded

Fighting the Gender Gap Briana Berger, F.W. Buchholz High School

The film, Fighting the Gender Gap, works to empower minority groups in technology by dismantling negative stereotypes surrounding technical careers. It features a variety of girls that have an impact in STEM to allow young girls to imagine the possibility of a STEM career. The film aims to change t