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Are We the 0s or the 1s? Elizabeth Min, Decatur High School

Are we the 0s or the 1s? The question doesn't make sense. 0s and 1s make our technological world go around, and they have to work together to do so. The same is true for men and women, but "the gender gap in computing has actually been getting worse since the 1980s" (Girls Who Code). Despite various

Women Who Paved the Way Regan Meyer, Fife High School

A documentary the creatively shows the history of innovative women and what they did to help pave the way for future women.

Women in STEM Kaitlyn Gulley, Marie Hansen, Oldham County High School

A film outlining why more women should join STEM fields.

Don't Mess With The X Cosi Layton, Castilleja School

I interviewed different women who worked in the field of STEM. I asked them a variety of different questions ranging from what the ratio of male to female workers in their workplace to what advice they would give young women today who wish to pursue work in the STEM field.

3 Teams: 1 Story Grace Frome, Castilleja School

A documentary interviewing the leads of three different all-girls FIRST Robotics Competition teams. It discusses what it's like to be a girl in STEM.

Women in STEM Alisa Reachel Aist, Western Washington University

My women feel intimidated when thinking about entering STEM fields, this film focuses on women in STEM who have some advice for those following in their foot steps. The film is uplifting and encourages women to do what they are passionate about no matter what it is.

Barrington Girls Pave the Way Grace Fitzgerald, Braeden Nelson, Serena Shah , Barrington High School

Our team took the time to sit down with a few women from Barrington High School who are taking the initiative to break down barriers for equality of the sexes. Our discussions included STEM, business, and media.

Women in Engineering Katie Mishra, Castilleja School

This film examines the causes of the lack of women in engineering fields. It features interviews of young, teen, and adult women to gather their views on engineering and how to encourage more women to become engineers.

We'll Rise Alexandria Taylor, Melrose High school

I asked several women to briefly share their opinions on either, women as leaders, "women's roles", or embedding the history of feminism/womanism into our schools curriculum. I wanted my theme to be really relaxed and laid back to make it more realistic.

We Can Do It. Janet Najar, William Smith High School

People today have the wrong view of what girls should be like and what they should do. This in part contributes to why women today don't feel much support to pursue careers in STEM, which stops the field of science from being enriched with an essential and different point of view.