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The Gods will be angry Preeti Shakya, Janaki Medical College, Tribhuvan University

In Nepal, menstrual hygiene management still remains a major challenge to most girls and women- with shame and stigma attached around menstruation, limited health education and lack of hygienic sanitary materials contributing to health problems, social exclusion and poor educational outcomes. In cer

Cradle my Love Jeanine Strother, Manhattanville College

'Cradle my Love' touches on Domestic Violence and Abortion.

Because I am a Girl Azmina Karim, Asian University for Women

In the twenty-first century, while men and women work together at home as well as in the national economy, there are some cases where women are still considered inferior to men. In the patriarchal society women are always subject to violence, and violence is used to control them and silent them. Of

The Leaky STEM Pipeline Merci Best, College of William & Mary

My film addresses the issue of negative gender stereotypes and the role they play in the under-representation of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The film overviews strategies that teachers can use in the classroom to help encourage young girls to pursue these

Fake Post Poornima Meegammana, AOD International Design Campus

Fake post, a short film based on a true story. Sandya is a bright schoolgirl hoping to enter University. Her poor mother, plucks tea to educate Sandya and her three sisters. Kavan, a popular senior boy from her school; falls for her and proposes to start a love affair. Sandaya refuses to accept. V

Can Breast Cancer Be Found Early? khodour asma, University of Algiers 01: ben youcef ben khedda

I make this video using traditional hand-drawn animation style (frame by frame). Duration of video making: 2 month and 21 days. this video tolking about breast cancer: Breast cancer is sometimes found after symptoms appear, but many women with breast cancer have no symptoms. This is why regular b

Objectification to Exploitation Jasmine Abraham, Ernesto Hernandez , Yukon High School

Our media today has become hypersexualized, telling women that they are only objects meant for beauty, and even if we can't reach that (airbrushed) beauty, we should still try...and when we can't reach this beauty, it leaves us vulnerable and easy to exploit. This film is meant to portray the tie

What is Beauty ? Michaela Habte, Winter Park High School

First I asked three questions to some friends, about them, personally regarding beauty standards. I conducted a brief social experiment with my friends, asking them to write down all their insecurities, down on a card. I then had them write what the like about each other on separate flash cards with

I Am LIke Tiffany Brandon George Washington, Montgomery College

A story about a young beaten, broken, and scared for life. Telling everyone about her past to let other know that they can have a future.

Overcoming Gender Inequalities Sharon Panackal, Asian University for Women

This documentary attempts to show how women are persistently considered as the boundary markers in many Asian communities. Despite the attempts of many governmental and non-governmental organizations to improve women’s situations in these countries, the notion of women as the flag bearers of their


This film is a testimony of a woman from LUHAGO (in South Kivu) who was victim of rape. She is speaking about the manner they have been caught and taken away in the forest where they underwent many atrocious terrors during 3 days but she got to escape. Due to this situation, she still have some psy

The Incurable Pain Amidst the Hills Rasani Shrestha, Asian University for Women

This short film has tried to capture the situation of women who are dealing with the problem of uterus prolapse in Jajarkot, one of the under developed districts of Nepal. This problem has revealed various cultural aspects of society such as early marriage which is hindering the health status as wel

Child Marriage a Stolen Innocence Abou El qassime Mehdi, Emines School of industrial management

This video shows the story of a girl who has been saved from getting married at an early age. Based on her own past, her mother decided not to let her daughter face the same destiny that she ran through when she was young. This video was made to sensitize people so they become aware of the daily str

A Little Longer... Stand by HER Drishya Gurung, Asian University for Women (AUW)

Most of the Women experience different forms of sexual harassment, from the time they step outside their home. No matter where they are, or whatever age-group they belong to, women are vulnerable to such gender based violence. Whether it is in public transportation, public places, hospital, school,

Our Forgotten Voices: From History to Herstory Cyrena Haynes, Sade Swift, Karolina Castro, Primi Akhatr, Victoria Pleasant, Victoria Li, Ramelcy Uribe, Sadie Nash Leadership Project

Our Forgotten Voices: From History to Herstory Revealing Womyn's Stories Under A Police State Growing media attention and activist work have been dedicated to the criminalization of men of color by the justice system and the NYPD’s policy of Stop and Frisk… We acknowledge and validate the

Care more! Mihai Tiu, "Colegiul National Ecaterina Teodoroiu"

Violence is not always recognised...Sometimes, it might be hidden, covered with a happy face.If we take a closer look, perhaps we will be able to notice it and, hopefully, stop it! Violence against women and girls exists, we all know that, but how many of us do something about it? Daily abused women

Women Vs. STEM Sok Sahas, Kim Chandina, Om Virya, Doeun Sokunsereyrath, Bou Socheata, Ky Tith Marinet, Sonthurmuk High school

This film is talking about the Women in STEM. We have picked up three things which are the current problem, solutions and how important the women in STEM is. Firstly, there are 3 main reasons that make girls less in STEM field. Old stereotype of the people in their society makes their parents try

International Boulevard Zoë Simone Yi, Rebecca Dharmapalan, Oakland School for the Arts

Around the world today women and girls are experiencing modern day slavery. Girls as young as 8 years old, and younger, are being trafficked into the sex trade industry. Here in the U.S., between 300,000 and 400,000 children are at risk every day. We created this documentary with the immense help

A Chance Sarah Gale, Pine Crest School

Maria, a 19-year-old girl living in the slums of Cartagena, Colombia, bares her heart and soul for us as she shares her past of abuse, addiction, assault, and her story of survival and triumph. If this harsh reality is changed, girls like Maria can reach their full potential and change their future

More Than Just a Pretty Face Bailey Mihalovich, Roundup High School

This film places focus on the superficial compliments that are so easily given to women, and way they seriously impact the how women perceive themselves. It raises awareness of how a major change can be made with just a few words of encouragement.