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Women Vs. STEM Sok Sahas, Kim Chandina, Om Virya, Doeun Sokunsereyrath, Bou Socheata, Ky Tith Marinet, Sonthurmuk High school

This film is talking about the Women in STEM. We have picked up three things which are the current problem, solutions and how important the women in STEM is. Firstly, there are 3 main reasons that make girls less in STEM field. Old stereotype of the people in their society makes their parents try to prevent their daughter from STEM area since young age. Some girls have already choose STEM as their major career but she always many difficulties and obstacle like gossiping from people, and ignorance that may make those girls drop out from STEM. The unfairness between men and women is still happening nowadays in work place and job opportunities. Secondly, there are three solutions to deal with these. One is encouraging all the parents to engage the daughter since they are young and keep them interested. Two is trying to create more STEM event, seminar or STEM competition and let the students involve in. last solution is asking the government or non-government organization to create a program in which provide mentorship training, consultant to deal with the problem that she meets and physically and mentally support those amazing girls. Thirdly, this topic is important because ignorance women in STEM is like hiding their potential while men and women have the same ability. If we have both women and men in STEM field, with faith they can build a better world.